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Matt 28:18-20

18 Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

John 20:10-16

10 Then the disciples went back to their homes, 11 but Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb 12 and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus' body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot.

13 They asked her, "Woman, why are you crying?"

"They have taken my Lord away," she said, "and I don't know where they have put him." 14 At this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not realize that it was Jesus.

15 "Woman," he said, "why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?"

Thinking he was the gardener, she said, "Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him."

16 Jesus said to her, "Mary."

She turned toward him and cried out in Aramaic, "Rabboni!" (which means Teacher).

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Previous Update Issue

Number 124

July - September 2009

Dick Ady, Editor

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Proclaiming the Gospel Throughout the World

India, Land of Opportunity

Cambodia Needs Teachers

New Christians in Durrës

Morrills Return to Korçë

Good News from Guatemala

Françeska Is Baptized in Tirana

Prison Ministries Are Flourishing

Bullets & Baptisms in Nigeria

Internet Teaching

Short-term Missions

Glory to God

Fruit of WEI in Hanoi

India, Land of Opportunity
July 21 marked the beginning of the most exciting, the most productive one-week missionary journey of my life.

I landed in Chennai, India just before midnight July 23 and was met at the airport by Prabhu Kumar and his family and friends. Their royal welcome was a prelude of things to come. During a seven-day period, Prabhu and I traveled approximately1,000 miles by train and car. I preached for two churches, inaugurated four new WEI branches, spoke at seven graduation ceremonies, conferred hundreds of diplomas, and rejoiced over the baptisms of thirty-two people, twelve of whom had come from Hindu families.

These thirty-two baptisms occurred under the heat of the afternoon sun, during blustery monsoon rains, and in the pitch-black darkness of night. Most of the baptisms took place in lakes, rivers, ponds, and canals.

Since space is limited in this newsletter, I will limit my report to two of the highlights.
At Wyra, a town about 500 kilometers north of Chennai, 185 WEI students and their teachers, gathered in the church building for their graduation ceremony. Prabhu interpreted as I spoke to the graduates and gave out diplomas. Each of the seven teachers put a garland of flowers around my neck and draped a beautiful shawl around my shoulders. It is customary in India for people to honor their guests in this fashion.

Following the graduation ceremony, we drove to a nearby lake, and thirteen graduating students were baptized into Christ. One of them was a journalist who worked for a local newspaper.

N. Manohar, Journalist, Is Baptized into Christ

In Wyra, I saw Prabhu’s vision at work. Two years ago, Prabhu was a WEI Internet student. When he completed the courses, he shared what he had learned with twenty-five friends. When they graduated, he selected his ten best students and asked each of them to teach twenty-five of their friends. Prabhu plans to use this system of multiplication until there are WEI “branches” in every state in India, and hundreds of students are being baptized every year.

For more information about the amazing work that God is doing in India through WEI, contact Mike Hale at mike hale01@msn.com.

Pictured below are three generations of WEI teachers. Prabhu is on the far left. One of his original students is standing next to him. The other six men are his students, all of whom are now WEI teachers. These six men had just baptized thirteen of their students in the lake.

Three Generations of WEI Teachers at Wyra

At Sathravada night had fallen when we arrived for the graduation ceremony. Five WEI students wanted to be baptized, and the only water deep enough for immersion was in a nearby canal. With only one flashlight among us, we climbed up a muddy, rain-slick embankment in the dark, then slipped and slid down to the water on the other side.

Baptized the Same Hour of the Night

That night, I spoke to the graduating students in shoes and pants covered with mud.

Cambodia Needs Teachers
After leaving India, I spent two weeks teaching WEI students at the Partners in Progress Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Barney Cargile, David Tedla, Judith Mackey, and I joined Julie Broyles, and Anca Gliga. Julie is Director of the PIP English/Bible Study Center. Anca was led to Christ by Tom Langley during a WEI campaign in Oradea, Romania several years ago. She had been teaching for several months when we arrived.

My first student each morning was a Buddhist monk named Voeun Sarom. I found him to be amazingly open and friendly.

Studying with Voen Sarom in Phnom Penh

My 11 o’clock student was a young Muslim named Sen Mohamath. One day, Mohamath said, “We Muslims pray five times a day. How often do you pray?” I replied, “I pray without ceasing. In fact, I pray for you every day.” Then I demonstrated how I prayed for him. When I looked up, his eyes were filled with tears.

Julie is doing a marvelous job directing the school, but she needs more teachers to keep the school running year around. If you can spend a month or more teaching WEI students in Phnom Penh, contact Julie at juliebroyles1@gmail.com. The PIP Center accommodates six teachers at a time. Food and lodging will cost you only $13 a day. That may be the best deal anywhere in short-term missions.

New Christians in Durrës
In his July-September newsletter, Çimi Kafaxhiu reports that Perparim and Dhurata Ceni were baptized into Christ on August 19th. “This couple has a six year old son. Perparim is a doctor, and Dhurata is a teacher. They have become so dear to us, and we are together growing in the Lord and his knowledge.”

Morrills Return to Korçë
Congratulations to Kevin and Allison Morrill upon the birth of their son, Michael.
The Morrills have now returned to Korçë, Albania to resume their mission work. May God bless the Morrills and their newborn son.

Good News from Guatemala
For several years, Tom Langley has encouraged Hawatthia Jones to use WEI in Guatemala. “This year,” says Hawatthia, “we decided to bring WEI to Guatemala, hosting 3 teams. . . . We were highly impressed with WEI!”

Anna Pride, a member of the second team, tells an interesting story about Yolanda, one of the students: “Yolanda came everyday with her friend Lupita. They were both eager to study God’s Word.

Yolanda Is Baptized in a Hotel Bathtub

“After receiving her graduation certificate, Yolanda was having a conversation with Nancy Petrokansky when Yolanda began to choke on a piece of hard candy. Nancy grabbed her and gave a thrust so that the candy came flying out. Later that afternoon, Yolanda called to ask if she could be baptized. We took her to the church building for the baptism, but she was nervous due to her inability to swim. Later that night, she again requested baptism, and Jason Rich baptized her into Christ in a bathtub at the hotel.”

Hawatthia concludes, “WEI has been very successful in many countries, and we are very happy with the results we have seen thus far here in Guatemala. . . . It allows us to meet people in a completely different economical situation. . . . Those who studied ranged from college students to university professors. We also had some teens, housewives, doctors, lawyers, etc. Some of them have already visited Linda Vista and are now familiar with the church of Christ and what is taught. . . . We are looking forward, Lord willing, to having WEI back in Guatemala in 2010.”

Françeska Is Baptized in Tirana
We received word in mid-July that Françeska Malaj, one of my favorite students in Tirana, Albania, had been baptized into Christ. Pete Bogdanovic had taught her this summer.
In the last issue of Update, we ran a picture of Laureta Malaj being born again of water and the Spirit. In this issue, we are happy to celebrate her daughter’s new birth. Praise God.

Erik Qirjaqi Baptizes Françeska Malaj into Christ

Prison Ministries Are Flourishing
1. Ralph Weinhold, of Dardanelle, Arkansas, uses WEI in his prison ministry. Ralph writes, “Thanks so much for your materials. My inmates in the county jail study them on a regular basis, and I use some of them as study guides for our weekly classes. The guys have also given us names and addresses of their friends and loved ones—which multiply the seed being sown.

2. Larry Ware writes, “Johnny Wilson and I had the privilege to baptize the following inmates at Oklahoma Sate Reformatory and one at MSU.” He then listed Cory Moore, Edward Farr, and Michael L. Williams. As an afterthought, he wrote, “I am not sure if I included another inmate that was baptized earlier, Terrance Higgs.” Larry & Johnny use WEI.

3. In Santa Rosa, California, Virgil Weare has taught and baptized a number of inmates at the Sonoma County Jail, using WEI materials.
Praise God for these prison ministries.

Bullets & Baptisms in Nigeria
Aniefiok Akpan is the Director of WEI in Nigeria, while serving as Principal of Rhema Academy, and ministering to the Campus Church of Christ at Uruk Otong. He and his wife, Etang, use WEI as an evangelistic tool and are reaping a harvest under trying circumstances. Fifty of their students have been baptized in recent months.

In July, Aniefiok wrote, “Two middle aged women believed the gospel, accepted Christ, and were baptized in our campus church. They were brought to the Lord by Brother Monday James Udo, a World English Institute student who was converted during Rhema Summit 2009.”

A few days later, Aniefiok wrote, “We are facing constant threats to our lives and property on a daily basis. . . . We narrowly escaped when our family compound was raided by dare-devil armed robbers last year. . . We slept in the bush with our little daughter Nancy throughout the night and subsequent nights.”

Then, a few days later, Aniefiok wrote, “Yesterday was a great day for us. We received a phone call last night from a preacher friend of ours, brother Iboro Ikafia. He told us that three of our WEI students in Ika area accepted Christ and were baptized in his congregation yesterday.”

On 9/11, Aniefiok wrote, “We have survived another difficult night of fear. Shortly after midnight, our security dog, Tarzan, barked on a very serious note. Then, we heard a gunshot within our premises. After the gunshot, Tarzan ceased to bark. With trembling and fear of being attacked by armed robbers, we knelt and prayed for safety and protection. It was indeed a sleepless night. This morning, we found Tarzan stone dead from a gunshot.”
Aniefiok and Etang are understandably concerned about their safety. They are serving God under difficult circumstances. Aniefiok wrote to say that they are getting another dog to guard their home.

Let us remember the Akpans in our prayers

Internet Teaching

Bob & Jan Towell

The new teaching website continued relatively smoothly during the 3rd quarter. New Bible/English studies soared from 209 in April to 562 in May, to 855 in June. In the 3rd quarter, the numbers continued high at 846 in July, 788 in August, and 730 in September. The downward drift was caused by suspending advertising several times until the waiting students were assigned.

The huge increase has been handled by the 74 existing teachers increasing their number of students, and by 22 new teachers taking up the challenge to share their faith around the world. Teachers set their own limits, but several have 400-500 students. Thanks to all who have taken to heart the Lord’s command to “go and teach” and are using WEI’s teaching website as the means.

When new students have waited for assignment to a teacher more than 48 hours, we suspend ads temporarily. The resulting downward drift shows we still need more teachers!
Nine hundred new Bible/English studies a month is not the upper limit on what can be done. Just as the number of new studies can be reduced by suspending the ads, so it can be increased by increasing them. Money has already been contributed for such an increase, but it would not be good stewardship to spend the Lord’s money to gather students without having teachers for them. Please help us recruit new teachers!

At the “Around the World Forum” at Harding Lectureship recently, Bob quoted John Reese, President of World Bible School, as saying, “WEI has the potential to have as many students as WBS,” which currently starts over a million new Bible classes a year. Privately, John corrected Bob, saying that WEI could have ten times as many, because “for every person who wants to study the Bible, there are ten who want to learn English.”

What an amazing tool WEI is for teaching the Gospel! Any Christian who speaks English can teach the Good News to people anywhere in the world—and without learning another language.
---Bob and Jan

Short-term Missions

Tom, Angela, Bianca, and Brianna Langley

One of the most exciting aspects of my work with WEI is the short-term mission. Although WEI material is so easy to read that it literally teaches itself, it’s not always easy to convince Christians to go. However, once they go and experience the thrill, they always want to return and teach again. Most of our teachers even plan their vacation time around the next WEI short-term mission.

Here are quotes from a couple of our WEI short-term teachers who taught this past summer:
“One thing I like very much about the WEI program is the opportunity for women to teach the Gospel. In other types of mission work, our role is to be supportive, and our input is not always necessary when men lead the work. The one-on-one aspect of the program allows the teacher to know the student, learn about their family, and understand where they are coming from spiritually. The work is intense in a relaxed environment. We work hard, have good rest periods, stay in lovely, clean hotels, eat nice meals, get to see amazing parts of God’s world, and worship with faithful saints. It’s a win-win opportunity. Let’s GO!” –Rebecca Clark

“I have now been on 5 WEI short-term missions at 4 different mission sites in 3 different countries. WEI gave me a lot of confidence in studying the Bible with a lost person. Every time I go, I learn something new about my faith as it grows and stretches me. I have developed relationships that transcend culture and that will last a lifetime. I am continuously amazed at how God’s Holy Word works in the lives of people everywhere. I consider it a privilege to witness the simplicity and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Recently, I signed up to be a WEI Internet teacher, and I find it helps me stay in touch with teaching while I wait for the next trip! WEI has also brought growth to our congregation at Waterbury as we use the materials in our local ministry.” --Anna Pride

Testimonies about what God has done in our lives and how he is using us are so powerful and scriptural. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. ---Tom and Angela

Glory to God

Dick & Maudine Ady

Now and then, someone says something that gets our attention and touches our hearts. Recently, Jean Coleman of Maryville, Tennessee made such a statement in an e-mail to Bob and Jan Towell. With her permission, I will share her statement with you.

“How many times have we prayed for something good to happen, and when it did, we were surprised. . . . I have prayed many times for the WEI mission. I wanted to get involved, and then I stopped breathing in the ambulance before we got to the hospital. When I regained consciousness, it was six hours later, and I was on a respirator.

“For ten days, my life hung precariously while my church family and many other friends prayed for me. April 1, I got a new heart valve, and on April 3, I went into congestive heart failure. I survived by the grace of God. I spent 21 days in the hospital, and those who loved me continued to pray for my recovery.

“Why am I telling you this? It is because I believe that God hears our prayers and answers them. I would think that every teacher and every congregation involved with WEI is praying for WEI. This concept has the greatest method of mission work that has existed since the days of Paul.”

In an e-mail addressed to me, Jean said, “I truly do believe that WEI is why God spared my life. I am new at teaching in this manner. I have suggested to my students that I am learning about them and their culture while helping them with their studies. . . . What a warm feeling.”
When we come face-to-face with death, the Lord gets our full attention. Suddenly, we discover what is really important. It is then that we think most seriously about investing in eternity.

WEI is still celebrating its 20th anniversary. Some of you have sent $20 to celebrate what God has done through WEI during the past twenty years. Perhaps someone would like to send $20,000 to keep this global outreach ministry going. To those who have partnered with us, we say, “Thank you.” May God reward you. ---Dick and Maudine

Fruit of WEI in Hanoi
Dennis and Sharon Welch are missionaries in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Both serve as teachers in the WEI Internet ministry.

Recently, Dennis received an e-mail from one of his students who had moved to Hanoi, Vietnam to study agriculture on a scholarship. His student said, “Teacher! I would to answer your question. . . . I please inform you that I not be baptize yet. I really want to be batized, so what should I do? Could help me to be baptized?”

Dennis says, “After inquiring a bit, I didn’t find anyone who knew a Christian in Hanoi. Quickly, it became obvious that I needed to fly to Hanoi, study with Txxxx, and baptize him.
“Txxxx, almost 21, met me at the entry of his dorm. He suggested I stay in his room so that we would have more time to study. This was a welcome invitation. . . . From the time I arrived Saturday evening until Sunday lunch, we studied the cost of discipleship. When we both were convinced that he understood what Jesus was asking of him, we set out in pursuit of water. . . . We journeyed by bus to the tourist section of the city and found a guest house that would allow us to use a room with a bathtub. And a new baby boy was born! Happy Birthday, Txxxx.

Dennis & Sharon Welch

“That evening, we partook of the Lord’s Supper for his very first time. During the remainder of my stay in Hanoi, I studied with Txxxx about the church and about his personal relationship with God through Bible study, prayer, etc. Several of his classmates joined in the studies. . . . Please join me in prayer that Txxxx will grow to be a mature and mighty warrior in the kingdom of God.”


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