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Number 141,  October - December, 2013

New Horizons for WEI Internet

A Note from the Laurel Elders

Another Muslim IS Baptized in Iran

25 New Christians in India

Hats Off to Shelly Hendricks

Matias Is Snatched from Satan

WEI Internet Teaching

An Appeal from Tom Langley


Number 140,  July - September, 2013

Amazing Story from Mozmbique

New Brother in Nikolaev

New Sister in Lushnja

Fruit Is Born in Nigeria

Exciting Times for WEI

Our Thanks to Jonathan Towell

More Christians in Tanzania

A New Congregation in India

WEI Internet Teaching

WEI Short-term and ESL Missions

WEI is Unique

WEI Staff and Teachers at Harding

Number 139,  April - June, 2013

New Sister in Tirana

Others Are Baptized in Tirana

WEI Campaign in Cuzco, Peru

Four Souls Baptized in India

New WEI Center in Tanzania

More Muslims Baptized

Internet Ministry

Short-term Missions

Editorial - Dick Ady

Number 138,  January - March, 2013

Albanian Angel

Seven Baptized in Nigeria

WEI Student Baptized in Nashville

Gospel Chariot rolls on in India

Four New Christians Baptized in Bangladesh

Faith in the Face of Danger



Historic Opportunity

Albania, Crete, Tanzania



Number 137,  July - Oct - Dec, 2012

Good News from Cambodia

The Cost of Discipleship

New Brother in Tanzania

Student Baptized in Vietnam

Oregon Church Reaches Out

Sergei Is Born Again

New Sister in Crete

WEI’s Ripple Effect

Two New Sisters in Korēa

Internet Ministry

Short-term Missions

Looking Back & Forward

God’s Harvest in India



Number 136,  July - September, 2012

Goal 10,000 New Studies per Month

Prabhu Kumar Beaten in India

WEI Graduates in Liberia

Kenyan Preacher Studying WEI

Suicide Intervention Seminar

WEI Campaign in Albania

20th Anniversary

New Christians in Albania

WEI Internet Ministry

Please Read Matthew 9:37, 38

WEI Short Term Missions

Honor To Whom Honor Is Due

God Blesses Camp Sessions

We Need 800 More Internet Teachers

Put WEI in Your Will

Number 135, Apr - June, 2012

Tom Langley Becomes President

Former WEI Student Murdered

WBS and WEI to Join Hands

Another Baptism in Tanzania

New Birth in Cambodia

Short-term Missions

Internet Ministry

Blessed Be "God Most High"

WEI Students Baptized in Nepal

Number 134,  January - March, 2012

Winter Baptism in Ukraine

Growing a Church

David’s Message to Missionaries

A Fruitful Harvest in India

Holi Festival of Colors

The BEST Center in Cambodia

Another Immersion in China

Internet Ministry

Short-term Missions


God Is at Work


Number 133, October - December 2012

Katy Partners with WEI

Off to a Good Start

Gladys Mejia Thanks Katy Elders

A Message to Churches Everywhere

Thanks to Tom Gillson

602 Baptisms in Haiti in 2011

25 New Christians in India

Montenegro Is Calling

Thirteen Baptisms in Nigeria

New Sister & Brother in Guatemala

Internet Ministry

Short-Term Missions

Behold, the Hand of God




 What Is Missing?

Number 132,  July - September 2011

20th Anniversary Celebration

God’s Truth Marches in India

The Truth Keeps Marching

WEI Spreads in West Africa

 Funds Needed for Materials

 Bogdan Ciora Is Baptized

 Missionary Needed in      Montenegro

 Floro Eca Is Baptized in Lima

An Unsolicited Tribute

 New Christians in Tanzania

 Internet Ministry

 Short-term Missions

Thank you, Beloved Friends



Number 131,  April - June 2011

Campaign in Nikolaev, Ukraine

Comments from Mike Soto

Comments from Jon Rawlings

A Church Is Planted in Brazil

Baptisms in India & Bangladesh

Baptism in the Nile River

More Inmates Baptized at OSR

Internet Ministry

Is WEI’s teaching website effective?

Short-term Missions

Dick & Maudine

Katy Church Joins Oradea Mission

Number 130,  January - March  2011

New Christians in Muslim Country

Fruitful Harvest in India

Prabhu Encounters Hostility

WEI Student Baptized in Kenya

Aniefiok Akpan Reports in Nigeria

Prison Ministry Bears Fruit

Pen Vannak Is Now our Brother

Amazon River Used as Baptistry

Internet Ministry

Short-Term Missions

 Feeling Grateful



Number 129,  Oct - Dec  2010

Adriatic Academy Uses WEI

Two New Brothers in Crete

Stirring Story from Cambodia

Cult Member Baptized in Cameroon

The Kingdom Grows in India

Good News From Nigeria

WEI Internet Ministry

Short-Term Missions

We Praise God for You

More Christians in Nigeria




Number 128,  Jly - Sept  2010

Marsida Is Baptized in Montenegro

Success in Guatemala

Fruit Borne in Arad, Romania

God Gives Increase in Cambodia

A Fruitful Summer in Albania

Ukraine Is Calling

More Conversions in India

Short-term Missions

God Takes His Time

Internet Ministry




Number 127,  April-June  2010

A Different Kind of Baptistry

WEI in Prison Ministry


Two New Sisters in Durrės

Good Example at Rancho Cordova

New Training Center in Addis

New Brother in Romania

The Church Grows in Peru

Teaching Muslims via the Internet

Internet Ministry

Short-term Missions

God Blesses His Work in Nigeria


Number 126,  January-March 2010

New Sister in Lushnja, Albania

A Touching and Disturbing Story

WEI Sweeps through India

Three Souls Added in Cameroon

WEI Wins Another in China

WEI Flourishes in Nigeria

WEI Internet Ministry

Short-term Missions

Our Amazing God

Artan Xhaferi Baptizes His Mother

Support Crisis



Number 125,  October - December 2009

An Inspiring Example in India

New Sister in Durrės, Albania

Lebanon Church Bears Fruit

Internet Student Baptized

PIP School Leaves Rich Legacy

Four New Christians in India

Internet Ministry

Short-Term Missions

God Is at Work Among Us

Students in Romania

Winter Scene



Number 124,  July - September 2009

India, Land of Opportunity

Cambodia Needs Teachers

New Christians in Durrės

Morrills Return to Korēė

Good News from Guatemala

Franēeska Is Baptized in Tirana

Prison Ministries Are Flourishing

Bullets & Baptisms in Nigeria

Internet Teaching

Short-term Missions

Glory to God

Fruit of WEI in Hanoi


Number 123,  April - June 2009

WEI Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Steve Cate Uses WEI in Indonesia

Testimony of Indonesian Student

Laureta Baptized in Tirana

Peru Preacher Baptizes American

Jail Ministries Bear Fruit

Two New Christians in Kenya

337 Students Baptized in Tanzania

Another Christian in China

Growing Churches in Nigeria

“Great News” from Cambodia

New Christian in Cameroon

Bob & Jan Towell

Tom, Angie, Bianca, and Brianna Langley

Dick & Maudine Ady

Interesting Story from India




Number 122,  January - March 2009

The Church Grows in Cambodia

“Rascal” Baptized in Cameroon

Dozens Come to Christ in India

Quotable Quotes from India

Disturbing Words from Tanzania

Two Hispanic Outreach Ministries

Four New Christians in Albania

Baptism in Nigeria

Internet Ministry

Tom, Angie, Bianca, and Brianna Langley

Dick & Maudine Ady

Accolades to the Orangevale Print Ministry


Number 121,  October - December 2008

A Great Preacher has gone Home

49 New Christians in India

WEI Goes to Paraguay

From Ukraine to Iowa

A Touching Story from Peru

From Taiwan with Love

The Church Grows in Nigeria

Four New Christians in Albania

Internet Outreach

Short-term Missions

To God Be the Glory

Lebanon Church Reaches Out


Number 120,  July - Sept  2008

Three Baptized in Tirana

Leadership Seminar in LushnjaThe Ten Chosen Graduates

Growing WEI Ministry in India

Pray  for Direction

The Church Grows in Nigeria

An Amazing Photo from Peru

Language Teacher  Baptized


New Christians in Cameroon

New Birth in Nairobi, Kenya

WEI’s Internet Program

Good News from Lushnja

Tom Langley

Dick and Maudine Ady


Number 119,  April - June 2008

Exciting Developments in India

WEI Is Working in Indonesia

God Works in the Middle East

New Christians in Uganda

WEI Student Preaches in China

Albanian Women Visit Prison

Partnership in Liberia

New Christian in Nigeria

New Births in Kenya

Report from Sibiu, Romania

Internet Teaching

Short-term Missions

The Breadth and Depth of God’s Love

Beijing Church of Christ



Number 118,  February - March 2008

A Land of Gentle People

House Churches in Yangon

Teaching One-on-One

Buddhist Nuns Enroll in WEI

22 WEI Students Graduate in Liberia

Seven Baptisms in Liberia

New Christians in Kenya

WEI Bears Fruit in Cameroon

Marching for the Master in Nigeria

A Fruitful Harvest in Tanzania

Internet Teaching

Short-term Missions

Winds of Change

New developments

Thank you for your fellowship.

Accolades from Bill McDonough

Books on Christian Evidences

Tom and Angela

Dick and Maudine




Number 117, December  2007- January 2008

Out of Africa

New Christian in Nairobi

New Work in Cameroon

John Adesoye Reports from Crete

Samuel Bears Fruit in Tanzania

Thweatts Report from Taiwan

God Is at Work in Peru

Tom Represents WEI in Europe

First IBIA Graduation Class

Harvest Time in Lushnja

God Gives the Increase in Durrės

WEI’s Internet Program

Tom and Angela

Dick & Maudine



Number 116, October / November  2007

WEI Center Opens in Nigeria

New Births in Tirana

Harvest Time in Lushnja

Good News from Durrės

New Christians in Liberia

Fruitful Harvest in Nairobi

New Books on Christian Evidences

Tom & Angi

Dick & Maudine


Number 114/15, August - September 2007

Grand Opening in Tirana

Two More Christians in Crete

New Brother in Cambodia

Another Baptism in Kenya

New WEI Center in Nigeria

The Kings Serve the King

Surge in Internet Students

Tom & Angi

Dick & Maudine


Number 113, June - July 2007

Victory in Jesus

New Christian in Romania

New Christian in Durrės

Two New Christians in Crete

Sponsoring Church Needed

New Christian in Lushnja

Another Baptism in Kenya

Church Worker Electrocuted

Tom & Angi

Dick & Maudine


Number 112, Feb Apr/May 2007

Building Nears Completion

Matching Funds - Furniture

More Good News from Crete

New Birth in Nairobi, Kenya

Two New Christians in Durrės

Six New Christians in Liberia

Pray for Little Nancy

Beginner’s English Course

“A Man Possessed”

Tom & Angie Langley

Dick & Maudine Ady


Number 111, Feb Jan/Mar 2007

Ship of Life is Launched

WEI Students in Phnom Penh

Tom Tune uses WEI in Saigon

Langlei Represents WEI in Haiti

Four More Baptisms in Kenya

An Inspiring Story from Crete

Tirana Building Nears Completion

Towels and Winhams to La Paz

Exciting News from Nigeria

Postal Teachers Desperately Needed

Tom and Angie Langley

Dick and Maudine Ady


Number 110, Dec 2006/ Jan 2007

In Memory of Micah Gifford

Winning Albanians to Christ

Ēimi Baptizes Arlind Veshti

IBIA Studies

New Birth in Elbasan

New Christians in Kenya

Charles Anunda Nyaega Mogoka Is Baptized into Christ

Teachers Needed

Dick and Maudine Ady


Number 109, Oct Nov 2006

Fruitful Harvest in Kenya

The Harvest Continues

Ogles Return to Kenya

Thank You, Dale Randolph

New Christian in Fier

IBIA Students are Preaching

Bill Morgan Speaks at Men’s Day

Saltsmans Returning Home

Construction on Schedule

New Christian in Haiti

Exciting News from Nigeria

Honor to Bob Patterson

Internet Ministry Bears Fruit


Number 108, Aug Sept 2006

Historic Ground Breaking

Looking Ahead to Next Summer

New Christians in Lushnja

Kenya Work Flourishes

Exciting Reports from Oradea

Constanta Completes WEI Campaign

The Byrnes Settle In

WEI Is One Tool Among Many

Tom, Angie, Bianca, & Briana Langley


Number 107, Jun Jly  2006

Bi-Lingual Teachers Needed

Winhams Launch New WEI Ministry

Exciting Inroads into the Middle East

Six New Christians at Buduburam

Two New Christians in Durres

Two New Christians in Tirana

Building Permit Granted in Tirana

Tom Bonner Returns to Lushnja

Update on IBIA

Four New Christians in Kenya

Tom & Angela Langley

Dick & Maudine Ady


Number 106, Apr May 2006

Meet Nkurunziza Jean de la Paix

Four New Christians in Durrės

Winhams Evaluate WEI Course

New Christians at Buduburam

Bill Morgan Trains Leaders

WEI Students Increase in Cambodia

Steve & Ruth Byrne Move to Fier

Teaching Sudanese through CDs

Opportunities Abound in Central America

Tom & Angela Langley

Dick & Maudine Ady


Number 105, Feb Mar 2006

In Loving Memory

Wayne Baptizes Jonida Sterjo

God Takes WEI to 188 Nations

Advertising WEI in Cambodia

Welsh Organizes Lasi Team

Recap of Taiwan Mission Trip

Short-term Mission Teachers Needed

Message from the Langleys

Message from the Adys

WEI short-term mission fund


Number 104, Dec 05/ Jan 2006

Hallelujah! Class is in Session

Multi-purpose Building

WEI Students in Venezuela

More Christians in Orarea

Winhams Use WEI in La Paz

Bob & Jan Towell Honored

Couple Baptized in Philippines

Marching for the Master

Message from the Langleys

Message from the Adys

Thank You, Dear Friends



Number 103,  Oct / Nov 2005

God Opens New Door in Kenya

Matching Funds Available

New Christian in Belarus

Two New Christians in Ghana

Joyous Day in Durrės

Update on IBIA

WEI and NationsUniversity

New Sister in Romania

Message from the Langleys

Goal for 2006

Message from the Adys

Thank You, Dear Friends


Number 102,  Aug / Sept 2005

Teach Others to Teach Others

Two New Christians in Tirana

Hurricane Katrina Takes Heavy Toll

The Dark Side of Missions

WEI's Short-Term Missions

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings

Good Things are Happening

Thank You



Number 101, June/July 2005

Jane's Inspiring Story

New Christian in Oradea

New Christian in Arad

New Christians in Lushnja

New Christian in Pogradec

New Christians in Ghana

New WEI Work in Liberia

An Interesting Story from Uganda

Hodges and Morrils Return Home

Please Pray With Us

Message from the Langleys

Message from the Adys

Can You Help?


Number 100, April / May 2005

WEI in Venezuela

Another Hero is Dead

Update on the Ogara Baby

God moves in Kenya

Partners with Partners in Progress

Building Project in Albania

International Bible Institute of Albania

Special WEI Student Baptized

Message from the Langleys

Thank You

Message from the Adys

Thank You


Number 99, February / March 2005

Training School in Albania

New Birth in Oradea

Xhumert Marries, Baptizes Irena

New Christian in Elbasan

Message from the Langleys

Encouragement from a short-term missionary

Thank You

Message from the Adys

Special Needs

God Bless You




Number98, December04 /January2005

Helping Tsunami Victims

Running From Death



Message from the Langleys

Messages from the Adys

New Spanish Materials

Thank You


Number97, October/November2004 

Romanian Leadership Meeting

Bucharest National Conference

Growth of Church in Timisaora

Church Plant in Lugoj

New Birth in Durrės, Albania

Campbells Return to

Specific Needs for WEI

Thanks, Dear Friends


Number96, August/September2004 

An Exciting Report from Arad

Testimony from a Pharmacist

An Inspiring Story

Six New Christians in Tirana

A Teacher's Joy

Six New Christians in Durrės

Good & Bad News from Elbasan

Two More Christians in Cambodia

A Wonderful Example

An Urgent Appeal

Thanks, Dear Friends



Number95, June/July 2004

A Worthy Woman

Fruitful Harvest in Ghana


Support Needed

New Christians in Durrės

New Christians in Pogradec

New Sister in Korēė

Church Growth in Tirana

Women's Day in Vlorė

Pray for Tom Bonner

Tom Langley in Romania

Thanks, Beloved Friends


Number94,  April/May2004

Church Planting in Pogradec

Teachers Needed in Cambodia

A New Opportunity in Bosnia

The Church Grows in Durrės

WEI Goes to Iraq

Continent of Great Cities

Message from Tom and Angie

Prayer Needs

Thank You, Dear Friends


Number93,  February/March 2004

New Christians in

WEI & WBS Work Together

WBS Offers Air Mail Service

Thank You, Dear Friends


Number 92, December 2003/January 2004

God Is at Work in Ethiopia

Welcome, Tom and Angie!

Church Growth in Elbasan

New Babes in Lushnja

Monita Now Teaching in Cambodia

New Brother in Durrės

Spiritual Fruit in

EMail Students Baptized

New Christians in Ghana


Six New Christians in Vlorė

Special Needs

Thank You, Dear Friends





Number91,  October/November2003

New Life in the Killing Fields

Behind the Bamboo Curtain

Langleys Prepare to Leave Oradea

Welcome Maryville Church of Christ

Albania/Romanian Mission  Conference

Using Computers to Save Souls

NU Appoints New President

Nine New Christians in Durrės


Number 90,  August/Sept  2003

Excitement in Lushnja

Five New Christians

Good News from Oradea

Liberian Refugees in Ghana

Church in Tirana Grows

Two Special Baptisms in Durrės

Special Baptism in Vlorė

Help! We Need Teachers

Thank You Dear Friends





Number 89,  June/July  2003

Exciting Developments in

New Water Well in Ethiopia

New Birth in Elbasan

Vlorė Church Celebrates 10th Year

New Christians in Tirana

Albanian Help in Lushnja

Reaching People through the Internet

More Internet Teachers Needed

NationsUniversity Course in

NationsUniversity Mailing

Tom Langley Uses WEI in

New Christians in Durrės

Quotable Quote

Thanks, Beloved Friends




Number 88,  April/May  2003

Good News from C-hina

An Inspiring Story in Ethiopia

Orangevale Printing Ministry

From Agnostic Professor to Preacher

Two New Christians in Lushnja

Oradea, Romania Fellowship

2 New Christians in Vlorė

2 New Christians in Elbasan

Exciting Developments in Tirana
4th Annual Missionary Conference Opportunity Knocks in Ghana May God Bless You

Number 87,   February/March 2003

Perilous Times Call for Prayer

Tom Langley to Join WEI

New Christian in Madagascar   

WEI Internet Ministry

More Baptisms in Fier

New WEI Center in Ethiopia

F. Lagard Smith in Albania

Attention Summer Campaigners


Number 86,  December 2001/January  2002

Number 85,  November/December  2002

New Work Begins in Lushnja

Church Celebrates 10th Anniversary

New Work Begins in Rrėshen

YOU Can Do It!

Doug Smith Moves to Fier

Six Summer Campaigns

Twelve Baptisms in Tirana

Two Are Baptized in Elbasan

Three Are Baptized in Vlorė

Thanks, Dear Friends.

Number 84, August/Sept  2002

WEI Aims at Latin America

40th Pan American Lectureship

Reuel Lemmons Lives On

Bi-Lingual Teachers Needed

Go With to Albania Next Summer

Reaching Out to Russian Immigrants

Ten New Christians in Albania

Thanks, Beloved Friends


Number 83, June/July  2002

New Christian in Cambodia

A Significant Landmark

Metro to Sponsor Bonner

Jackson Reports from Vlore

A Busy Summer in Durres

Cassies Move to Prizren, Kosova

A Critical Need

Thanks Beloved


Number 82, February/May  2002

New Work in Lushnja

A Building At Last

Seven Students

WEI to Romania

Two New Christians in Vlorė

Tirana Church to Celebrate 10th  Anniversary

Correspondence Teachers Needed

Invest in Eternity

          --- Dick and Maudine Ady

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