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"I would estimate that fifty congregations have been established through WEI, and thousands of WEI students have been baptized," said Dick Ady.


We need 40 churches or individuals to commit $300 per month to help us teach the Word of God to tens of thousands of more students by Internet!

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WEI Celebrates

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

Tom Langley, President and family

Tom writes, "This is always a thrilling time of the year and the culmination of many months of recruiting and preparing teachers to go and teach the word of God in a one-on-one setting all over the world."

Short Term Missions

Teachers are being recruited for summer campaigns. Is there any reason that you cannot go teach?

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- Free English lessons online with audio
- Free Advanced English lessons aimed at preparation for the TOEFL exam
- Bible Correspondence Courses - Creation to Consummation
- Evidences Courses - God in the Universe, Christ in History, Reliability of the Bible
- Who is God? Who is Jesus? The Spirit of God

Why WEI?

Whether you are a long-time missionary, short-time missionary, local classroom teacher, or member of a mission committee, WEI is a resource you can use to change the lives of people worldwide. Use WEI to teach people about Christ locally and around the world.

Unlike other Bible Correspondence Courses, WEI gathers students who are interested in learning the English language. The reading assignments are lessons from the Bible.

These lessons are valuable resource materials for your own church or Bible-study groups. In the first twenty-one lessons, students will discover God as their creator and get an overview of the Bible from Genesis through the book of Acts. The advanced lessons are for maturing Bible students. WEI's Advanced English series is an in-depth study of Listening, Writing, & Vocabulary.

WEI's Quarterly Newsletter #143




English has become the language of the twenty-first century. Three-fourths of the world's high school students are studying English today. Prior to World War II, only 200 million people spoke English. Now, billions of people speak English, and the number is growing rapidly. More people are studying English in China today than in the United States.



205,700 Students
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We have more students wanting to study our Bible and English grammar material than our current Internet operation can handle. Just over the last few years, hundreds of our Internet students have come to know Christ and put Him on in baptism.

205,700 and counting...

Richard Ady, Founder
Tom Langley, President



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