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Dear WEI teacher,
The Lord has now blessed WEI with 100,000 Internet registrants in every nation on earth!  To God be the glory and the praise. 
I also want to thank YOU for the role you have played in impacting the lives of these 100,000 people with the gospel of Christ.  Without your efforts and the efforts of others like you, 100,000 people would still be lost in darkness.  You have helped them see the light, and many of them have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God's dear Son. 
May God bless you as you continue to share your faith with others.  It is a joy to be your partner in world evangelism.
With love in Christ,
Dick Ady

The count March 2014 is growing, now 195,000.
Bill Morgan who is Chairman of WEI's Board of Directors sent the following email.

Dear Internet Teachers --
We thank God for you and your willingness to work with us in teaching lost souls all over the world.  This work lets you multiply your ability to serve and reach people for truth.  You will not be able to know this side of heaven how many souls are ultimately reached because of each person that you are teaching. 
To Him be the glory.
Bill Morgan

Comparisons of Islam Vs Christianity
by Gene Banister

Now Available under Tips for Teachers -- Tip17

WEI has a great web feature -- WEI Audio

...where the Bible lesson is displayed a paragraph at a time with an audio recording of an American reading the same paragraph.  This site will help students learn to hear spoken English and help them learn to speak English.  To access this site the student needs a computer equipped with a sound card and speakers or earphones hardware and either Windows MediaPlayer, RealPlayer software or another media player.

Bob Towell


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WEI in Spanish teaches English so these people can study the WEI lessons in English. Click here to learn more.

New Publications Available

  • Evidences of God in the Universe, by Dick Ady -- a study book

  • Evidences of Christ In History -- a study book

  • Evidences that the Bible is Trustworthy -- a study book

  • The Spirit of God

  • Who is God?

  • Who is Jesus?

     Click here

THERE ARE 5 ways that you can get involved personally  with WEI annually.

  1. Teaching from your home by Postal Mail & Email

  2. Teach using the Internet. No email is required.

  3. Campaigns - Recruit now for campaigns. Contact Tom Langley.

  4. Spanish Bible lessons - start a group study at your congregation.

  5. Use the Evidences books to gather students.

  6. Pray -  for lost souls.  God will bless you and the lost.

  7. Plan your budgets to include WEI.

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July 2003 a worthy note of record

(Fort Worth, TX)  Modern language Hungarian New Testament released in Budapest

After years of hard work and numerous challenges, the World Bible Translation Center¹s Hungarian New Testament made its June debut with a bang. Released in Budapest, Hungary, at a Missions Expo attended by some 20,000 people, the event was an adrenaline rush for the entire translation team.

Richard Loh, Director of Distribution for the Center, wrote from Budapest,  "It was exciting to see Hungarians swarm our booth to receive the new Hungarian New Testament. We were encouraged by the positive reception of the new text and by the expressions of thanks by many who received them." Organized by an alliance of churches in Hungary, the Missions Expo was open to the public and attended by Christians from several surrounding European countries. Local Churches of Christ were invited to the Missions Expo and given free copies of the New Testament.

Among those who made their way to WBTC¹s booth to get a copy of the text were church leaders, ministry workers and church members from Hungary and Western and Eastern Europe. All of the Translation Center¹s European language translations were on display, but those who read and examined the Hungarian text at the Expo  "were pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to read and how much easier it is to understand than the older Hungarian translations now in use," observed Loh.

"Several readers actually returned to the WBTC booth the next day to thank us for the new translation," said Loh.

The most moving gesture of thanks came from a group of deaf Hungarians who were surprised by the readability of the text after only scanning a few paragraphs. "They lifted their hands over their heads and waved in a display of  Œdeaf applause¹" explained Loh.  "It was an emotional moment for me to see their expression of joy. That was the grand finale at the Mission Expo in Budapest," he concluded.

Ervin Bishop, Senior Translation Consultant for the Center, was warmed by the Deaf response. "The English Easy-to-Read version was originally developed with the Deaf in mind and I¹m especially pleased to see that the Easy-to-Read Hungarian New Testament is reaching the Deaf in Hungary as well," he said.

The Hungarian New Testament is the 26th New Testament completed by the Translation Center since its beginning in 1973. Churches and various ministry partners will soon distribute the New Testament¹s first printing of 21,500 copies throughout Hungary. "Already, some are asking when they will be able to have the Old Testament," grinned Loh. "I like their sense of expectation."

World Bible Translation Center exists to provide accurate, easy-to-understand translations of God¹s Word in the world¹s major languages. The Translation Center has completed 26 New Testaments and 11 Bibles and is currently at work in 16 languages. Some six million of the Center¹s Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions were distributed during the year 2002.

The Center¹s first translation was the Easy-to-Read English Bible, which enjoys popularity worldwide as a ministry tool. The text¹s easy-to-understand style is prized by church planters and cherished by seekers. It is equally valued by long-time students of the Word who find it consistently gives them fresh insights into divine truth. To visit the Translation Center¹s web site go to

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Russian and Spanish

The WEI Easy-to-Read Bible Course has been translated into Russian and is available upon request at little or no cost.  This course is designed to lead others to Christ. Albanian, Chinese, French, Romanian, and Spanish are now available also.

Here are the details:

1.  The Russian version of the Easy-to-Read Bible Course Book 1, "The Conflict of Good and Evil" has been translated and is published on the web. Click here to go there.

All three of the Basic Bible books are available on the web and in book form. To see the content pages of WEI's Books in English, click here.

Also, the Russian translations may be ordered from Jim McPeak at the following address:

Orangevale Church of Christ
5915 Main Ave.
Orangevale, CA 95662-4946,
Tel. (916) 988-2011; Fax 916/988-6931.

[See Advanced Book "New Birth," Lesson 4 on the History of Sprinkling and Pouring.]
Click here

2.  The Beginner's English Course for Spanish-speaking students is a course in survival English with some Biblical content.  There is no separate Bible course that goes with it. There is, however, the use of Bible stories as illustrations for learning Enlgish. The purpose of the course is to equip students with enough English to take the ETR Bible Course and WEI English Course in English.  The student who finishes the beginner's course will have a vocabulary of 1,200 English words and will know a little about English grammar.

The Spanish series is designed for local congregations to reach the Spanish speaking people in their own community. Did you know that the California Spanish birth rate is now greater that all others? A large part of our population in America has Spanish-speaking people whose families now need spiritual guidance. This series will help you begin working with them in your own community.

This is an excellent way to bring the Spanish speaking people into your congregation where they can know the Lord and have a worshipping church for spiritual growth.

An assigned teacher should be able to speak some Spanish until the student is able to read at the 4th grade level in English. Then, they can proceed with WEI English and Bible course. The grading keys are in English to aid the teacher.

All three Spanish books of the Beginner's English Course for Spanish-speaking students are now available. All 3 of the Advanced Bible Course is available too.

Cassette tapes, recorded in Spanish, are now ready for Books One, Two, and Three.   These recordings are of the entire book and not the vocabulary recording that is available in WEI's Basic English Course.

Since the introductory remarks, instructions, and questions in the beginner's course are all in Spanish, Dick is considering producing a teacher's book with introductory remarks, instructions, and questions in English.  Otherwise, it will be almost impossible for American teachers to teach the course by correspondence.

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HOW ABOUT ADDING A LINK on YOUR WEBSITE?  Inbound links tell Google to find this website easier.

World Christian Broadcasting

I suggest that you Google to find their website for Chinese material. The link previously posted is no longer available.

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Books on Christian Evidences in English & Spanish

Thanks to Raśl and Kim Solis, Joel Banks, and Sandra Cortabarria, all 3 books have been translated into Spanish and are now in print.

Click here to see Table of Contents

If you have unbelieving students, friends, or acquaintances, and you would like to help them come to faith in God, Christ, and the Bible, we recommend these books. They are packed with information and are available at fifty cents each. Available now in Spanish.

Order form

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PO BOX 13989

Romania Celebration - Remembering The Past While Anticipating The Future

September 24, 2011 From Bucharest, Romania -Twenty-one years ago you sent us to Romania just fourteen days after the Dictator had been ousted and killed, to attempt to carry the "Good News" to the people of this wonderful country. Twenty one years ago we ran advertisements for Bible correspondence in the largest newspaper in the country that had a circulation of more then 500,000 to which 50,000 people responded. Many of you worked for days, sending out the lessons and after a year so many had responded asking for teachers to come that we organized the first team of 24 teachers to go and in three months they taught more then 400 students in personal Bible studies. Many received the word gladly and became faithful Christians and the word spread from Bucharest to 23 other cities where over the next few years congregations were planted.

This weekend we have been back in Bucharest to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the beginning here. From North, South, East and West over 200 people came from congregations across the country to join together in the celebration and reported of the growth and activities of the churches where they came from. The oldest was ninety-three and the youngest was four weeks. They told their stories of how they had never been to church under Communism and were afraid to enter the school we had rented to study in and worship together but they stayed and learned and changed their hearts and lives and now the third generation is coming on strong with plans for further expansion of the work around the country. A retired Army Colonel told how he was lead to Christ and successful young businessmen told of their spiritual journeys to the Lord and the blessings they had received as a result of coming to Him.

They rejoiced together, honored the twelve missionaries that had worked here in the early years who returned for the anniversary and over and over again said, "If you had not come, If churches had not sent you, if Bible correspondence course teachers had not spent the time to study with us we would still be lost and without hope."

As I remembered those early beginning and looked at the Christians here today I gave thanks for all of you who had the vision, compassion and leadership to rush in when the doors that had been closed by communism for more then 40 years opened. I gave thanks for everyone who came, for all those who addressed those thousands of correspondence courses, for all of those who supported the work with monetary contributions and for all those who prayed for God to bless our feeble efforts.

Many other workers followed our lead as we recruited and encouraged them to come and have continued to come but without you there may not have been a beginning or a church of the Lord in this nation today. Without you many who have died in the Lord would not have gone from Romania to Heaven, Without you hundreds of lives may not have been changed because they quite likely would not have had the opportunity to hear God's Word. God Cares that you cared for Romanians and for Hopeless people everywhere.

William E. "Bill" McDonough, International Director
Partners In Progress

Bill McDonough

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Distinguished Christian Service Award to Dick & Maudine Ady

Harding U's 88th annual lectureship is now history and, as always, was a blessing. As you know, Dick and Maudine Ady were honored Monday night with a Distinguished Christian Service award by the university. I hope some of you were able to watch the live streaming on your computers. We were told it would later be on "you tube."

Lola and David Crouch had arranged a WEI dinner for last night. In addition to teachers, spouses, and friends from Harding environs, some came from Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Arizona, and perhaps other places I'm forgetting. We were happy to have others able to come who have known and worked with Adys for many years: John and Beth Reese of World Bible School, Dino and Debbie Roussos from Athens, Greece, Stephen Eckstein from Lubbock, TX, and Enoch and Jeannine Thweatt from Nashville, TN. Enoch and Jeannine were on Taiwan with Adys in the late 60's and early 70's when the idea of WEI was first conceived.

Dick recounted some of the history of WEI and its potential for the future, after which he was surprised with a gift of almost $4,000. Because it had been mentioned that he celebrated his 80th birthday several weeks ago in Nicolaev, Dino Roussos led us in a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday!" Later, we hope to have some pictures to share.
Jan Towell

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"Internet 40" Support
Download Brochure For Your Church

Partner with us in this exciting international mission ministry. We are currently starting 1000 Bible studies per month. We have students in every country of the world. Our goal is to start 10,000 Bible studies per month. We need your help!

For more Information contact:
Tom Langley (WEI President) or Dr. Richard N. Ady (Founder)
World English Institute, P.O. Box 5293, Maryville, TN 37802
Phone: 865-803-2909, 865-983-0945, 503-661-0348  or

Our Internet teaching ministry is exploding with untapped potential.
We are currently starting approximately 1000 Bible studies per month, but we could easily increase that 10 times. In order for this to become a reality, several things must first happen:

1.We must increase the number of our teachers. This will require a mass appeal to our brotherhood through advertising in widely distributed brotherhood publications and other promotional efforts.

2. We must dramatically increase the size of our web site, and we must also add more efficient tools to the site. These are necessary changes that must take place in order to handle the massive increase of WEI Internet students. This will require many hours of specialized labor.

3. We must hire a full time WEI web specialist to work closely with Jonathan Towell in upgrading and managing the site. Our WEI web specialist will eventually need a full time administrative assistant to answer all the many student and teacher questions and concerns.

4. We must increase our Google student advertising budget.

We have more students wanting to study our Bible and English grammar material than our current Internet operation can handle. Just over the last few years, hundreds of our Internet students have come to know Christ and put Him on in baptism.

We need 40 churches or individuals to commit $300 per month to help us teach the Word of God to tens of thousands of more students by Internet!


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4th Albanian Retreat of Churches of Christ in Albania
Tropikal Resort in Plepa, Beach area of Durres.

1. The Event: Albanian Retreat of the Local Churches of Christ
2. The Time: April 17 - 19, 2014
3. The Topic: The Gospel according to Mark - "Follow Me!"
4. The Purpose: Edification and Encouragement of the Lord's Body in Albania
5. The Means: Devotional Teaching and Fellowship Program

Information on the event.

1. Retreat cost:

a. For adults: 60 euro/person in 2-days full accommodation in Tropikal Resort
b. For children of age 0-5 years (associated with their parents): free cost and they
will be accommodated in their parents room in hotel.
c. Children of age 5-10 years (associated with their parents too): 50% of adult cost,
so 30 euro/child.
Note: Children of age 0-10 years will have children care service (Bible lesson and
godly activities included) in cooperation with their parents.

2. Accommodation:

a. Full-time participants will be accommodated in a two single-beds room (or
double-bed room) with their roommate.
b. Part-time participants have options to have one-day accommodation (1/2 cost)
or only food service.
c. Food service: lunch cost is 12 euro and dinner cost is 10 euro. It will be paid
cash at the time of service.

I encourage you to share the information above with your local membership and start making the list of participants. We have already booked at Tropikal Resort for the event. We need to have the list of participants on April 10 in order to finalize the arrangements and cooperate properly with Tropikal Resort managing service. Please, pay attention to this request. Thank you.
We pray for God's help and your participation as we assemble to have fellowship with one another grounded in God's Word, strengthened through His Spirit and cherished by Lord's Love.

I thank you for your ministry in God's kingdom and I encourage you to have a
cooperative spirit. If you have any question, please, feel free to ask.

Thank you and God's blessings on You.

On Behalf of Steering Committee:

Alfred Zike (chairman)
Lord's servant at Adriatic church of Christ
Beach Area in Durres
Mobile phone: (011) 355 69 25 26 680

Steering Committee:
1. Erik Qirjaqi (Tirana church)
2. Ilir Kura (Elbasan church)
3. Shkelqim Kafexhiu (Durres church)
4. Bledi Valca (Tirana church)
5. Eduart Hoxha (Vlora church)
6. Alfred Zike (Adriatic church)

Takimi Shqiptar i kishave lokale tė Krishtit nė Shqipėri
Tropikal Resort nė Plepa, Plazh - Durrės

1. Takimi: Takimi Shqiptar i kishave lokale tė Krishtit
2. Koha: 17 - 19 Prill, 2014
3. Tema: Ungjilli sipas Markut - "Mė Ndiq!"
4. Qėllimi: Ndėrtimi dhe Inkurajimi shpirtėror i kishės sė Zotit nė Shqipėri
5. Mjetet: Program Mėsimi nė Devocion dhe Miqėsi

Informacionin mbi koston e takimit.

1. Kosto e Takimit:
a. Pėr tė rriturit: 60 euro/person pėr 2-ditė akomodim nė Tropikal Resort Hotel
b. Pėr fėmijė tė moshės 0-5 vjeē (shoqėruar me prindėrit): ushqim dhe akomodim
falas nė dhomėn e prindėrve.
c. Pėr femijė tė moshės 5-10 vjeē (shoqėruar me prindėrit): 50% e kostos sė tė
rriturit, pra 30 euro/fėmijė.
Shėnim: Pėr fėmijėt do tė ketė shėrbesė dhe kujdes (klasa dhe aktivitete biblike) nė
bashkėpunim me prindėrit e tyre.

2. Akomodimi:
a. Pjesėmarrėsit me kohė tė plotė do tė akomodohen nė dhoma me dy krevate-teke (ose dhome me krevat-dopio) me shokun/shoqen apo bashkėshortin(en).
b. Pjesėmarrėsit me kohė tė pjesshme kanė mundėsi tė kenė 1-ditė akomodim (1/2 e kostos) ose vetėm shėrbim ushqimi.
c. Shėrbimi Ushqimit: 1 drekė = 12 euro dhe 1 darkė = 10 euro. Pagesa do tė bėhet me lek nė dorė nė kohėn e shėrbimit tė ushqimit.

Ju inkurajoj tė ndani kėtė informacion me anėtarėsinė tuaj lokale dhe tė filloni tė pėrgatisni listėn e pjesėmarrėsve. Ne do tė kemi nevojė pėr listen tuaj mė 10 Prill. Prandaj, ju lutemi, t'i kushtoni vėmendje kėsaj kėrkese. Ne lutemi pėr ndihmėn e Perėndisė dhe pjesėmarrjen tuaj pėr t'u bashkuar nė miqėsi me njėri tjetrin themeluar nė Fjalėn e Perėndisė, forcuar nėpėrmjet Frymės sė Tij dhe gėzuar nga dashuria e Zotit.

Ju falenderoj pėr shėrbesėn tuaj nė Mbretėrin e Perėndisė dhe inkurajoj frymėn tuaj tė bashkėpunimit. Nėse do tė keni ndonjė pyetje, ndjehuni tė lire tė pyesni dhe ne do tė pėrpiqemi t'ju asistojmė. Ju Faleminderit dhe Zoti Ju Bekoftė!

Nė emėr tė Grupit Organizator,

Alfred Zike (koordinator)
shėrbėtor i Zotit nė kishėn e Krishtit
“Adriatik”, Plazh, Durrės
Cel: (+355) 69 25 26 680

Grupi Organizator:
1. Erik Qirjaqi (kisha e Krishtit, Tiranė)
2. Ilir Kura (kisha e Krishtit, Elbasan)
3. Shkėlqim Kafexhiu (kisha e Krishtit, Durrės)
4. Bledi Valca (kisha e Krishtit, Tiranė)
5. Eduart Hoxha (kisha e Krishtit, Vlorė)
6. Alfred Zike (kisha e Krishtit ‘Adriatik’)




Dick Ady Transferred Presidency of WEI
to Tom Langley

In June 1989, by the grace of God, Maudine and I founded World English Institute and Bible Correspondence School. I was just beginning to write the WEI Bible course at that time, and there was not a single WEI student anywhere.

Now, almost twenty-three years later, God is using WEI to teach people about Christ in every nation on earth. Hundreds of thousands of students have been introduced to him, thousands have been baptized, and churches have been planted in dozens of countries. To God be the glory.

On June 22, I will be eighty-one years old, and I have decided it is time for me to step down as President of WEI. On June 30, I will turn the title over to my younger colleague, Tom Langley. Tom has been preparing for this transition for eight years, and he is ready for his new responsibilities.

This does not mean that I am retiring. I plan to continue serving WEI full-time as long as I am able. The Gresham, OR office will continue to be the corporate headquarters. I will continue writing and editing this quarterly newsletter. I will also keep writing books designed to draw people to God through Jesus Christ. The Gresham office will, with the help of our secretarial staff, still be responsible for assigning teachers to all postal students, printing materials, and sending them to teachers, national preachers, and missionaries all over the world. I plan to continue teaching in short-term mission campaigns in Europe, Asia, Africa, and perhaps Latin America.

Our need for funding at the Gresham office will not be diminished by this transition. In fact, the need will grow as God grows WEI using it to spread the gospel to more and more places.
It takes money to keep WEI going, but every dollar you contribute to WEI is a dollar invested in eternity. God will use that dollar to preach the gospel to one more soul. By helping fund WEI, you are laying up treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not corrupt, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

To all our friends and loved ones who are supporting us in this world-wide ministry, we want to say, “THANK YOU.” We love you. God bless you. ---Dick & Maudine Ady

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For More Information Contact

Western Office

Dick Ady
World English Institute And Bible Correspondence School
1525 NW Division
Gresham, OR 97030

Tel: (503) 661-0348
Fax (503) 666-8309


Eastern Office

Tom Langley
World English Institute
And Bible Correspondence School
Maryville Church of Christ
PO Box 5293
Maryville, TN 37802

Tel:  (865) 983-2909
Fax:  (865) 983-0397