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How to Use WEI / Planning Guide

Ways to use WEI lessons:

Order Form and Cost - English & International Languages

See Tips for Teachers for Mailing Cost to Students and other procedures and resources


WEI lessons are designed for interactive teaching. They are designed for correspondence teaching, one-on-one teaching or classroom teaching. Each lesson has a quiz to be graded. The content and quizzes make great PowerPoint material. For example, "The Conflict Between Good and Evil, The King is Coming, and The King has come" can be a theme throughout the Basic series in a classroom environment.

The Intermediate series of lessons covers Genesis through the book of Acts of the Apostles. There are 3 books with 7 lessons each. The Intermediate English course that goes with it is tied to the Bible course lesson-for-lesson.

The Advanced Bible course consists of 3 books with a total of 29 lessons. The Advanced English course is tied to the Bible course lesson-for-lesson and is designed to help students prepare for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

Non-English-speaking-students are not able to take the Intermediate and Advanced courses. They need to start with the Beginner's English Course (if the course has been translated into their language) or the Elementary Bible and English course.

For English-speaking teachers and students, the grammar lessons teach themselves and are suited for campaigns. The vocabulary words in the Intermediate English lessons are taken from the Intermediate Bible course and are limited to 500 words. In a short-term mission campaign, the teacher briefly reviews the English quiz, answers questions, and spends most of the time talking about the Bible lesson. Most students quickly become more interested in Bible than in English.

Internet Teaching -- largely, planting the seed with some watering of the gospel with a personal teacher guiding the study to conversion and "churching" the student. A local teaching minister is highly recommended for follow up when a student requests baptism. Some teachers Skype their students even for a worship service experience where there is no church.

Each day, dozens of students register as they find us on Google. When a student registers, the Introductory Lesson is availabler. The student sends their answers to the short quiz, and  Bob Towell (bobtowell@aol.com/) posts the new student on the Internet's teaching web for any teacher (about 450 teachers) to choose.

Bob can assign any person to you directly, even your own contacts,
When the teacher accepts a student, the lesson will have been graded automatically. The teacher will review the lesson, make comments as desired,  send a welcome letter to the new student, and assign the next lessons. Watch the video showing how this is done. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. Communication is done without your email address, the risk of viruses, and putting the student at risk in a hostile country. Thousands of students are now registered. New teachers are needed at all times. Financial support is an ongoing need to keep Google active. This is a great mission field for Missions Committees to consider.

Campaign Teaching -- short term mission trips. Campaigns have huge benefits for both the student and the teacher. A campaign is arranged to attract students by offering FREE English. Each student is assigned to a campaign teacher. The student brings the quizzes ready for review at a scheduled time,  usually daily. All of the Basic lessons can be covered within a 4-6 weeks campaign. Typically, ten to as many as a hundred students study during the summer's 6 week period. These students will be High School or College students and some are walk-ins from Newspaper ads.

Books are available in several foreign translations including Albanian, Chinese, French, Romanian, and Spanish. For more information about short-term missions click here and/or contact Tom Langley at weimaryville@aol.com Want to see what campaign teachers say about going on a STM? CLICK HERE.

In Your Congregation -- For English-speaking students, we highly recommend using the basic and advanced WEI Bible courses in regular teen and adult Bible classes. Students who complete the Basic and Advanced lessons will know more Bible than many in the congregation. These lessons are easy to teach, preferably by an interactive method based on the lesson content and the quizzes. Each lesson ends with the student writing a statement to the question "What did you learn that was meaningful to you?" Use them in your small groups during the week, YOUR LIFE groups.


At Your Congregation -- for Non-English Spanish-speaking students
Spanish-speaking students are abundant in most US cities. Offering FREE English is a powerful tool for gathering teens and adult students in a chosen location. There are two experienced approaches in teaching these people in your neighborhood:

  • Plan 1: From Scratch - vocabulary words and English expressions can be shown to a small group where Spanish translators are available. A skilled teacher can walk the class through a dozen or more class sessions preparing them for the WEI's course as used in STM teaching. They will learn words, expressions, and sounds that Americans use. The children of families should be in their own class while the adults are in session. A good format is on a mid week period late enough for Spanish workers to be available too. Once these students are able to read at a 4th grade level, move them to a one-on-one study using WEI's Basic lessons or continue with plan 2.


  • Plan 2: WEI's Beginner's English Course for Spanish-Speaking students is designed for them. This beginner's course consists of three books, each with seven lessons. Each book comes with a cassette tape or a CD containing dialogues in English and Spanish. The course begins with the English alphabet and gradually builds a vocabulary of 1,200 English words and teaches simple English grammar. It also introduces the students to the Bible, the church, and to worship in the church. Students who finish this course are often able to move right into the basic WEI Bible and English courses. This approach needs a teacher-student arrangement of your own design. International translations books are available. CLICK HERE

Postal Mail Teaching: step-by-step procedure

  1. Step One: Write or call us and let us know how many students you want.   We will send you the names and addresses of people from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America or other parts of the world.  With the names, we will enclose an Introductory Lesson for each student, a Teacher's Guide, and an order form.   Examples of the Guide and order form are on this page.

  2. Step Two: Send an Introductory Lesson to each student.  Print your name and address in the box at the bottom of page six.  Fold the lesson, address it, tape it along three sides leaving about 1/4 inch un-taped area at each corner.  Stamp it with an airmail stamp and mail it.  (Cost of materials and mailing is often paid by your local missions committee).

  3. Step Three: Order your materials.  You can expect a response from about half of your students, usually within a month or two.  If you don't hear from them within six months, write them a letter.  Ask if they received the Introductory Lesson and if they are still interested in studying English. When your student returns the Introductory Lesson, follow the process outlined in the Study Flow Guide below.

  4. Step Four: Review  the materials available and how they are to be used in the Study Flow Guide below.  A sample letter is provided for your communication once the student has completed the Basic English and Basic Bible lessons. Of course, your communication will be your personal letter of encouragement once you have established a shared relationship with your student. May God bless the seed you plant and water.


The WEI teaching packet includes the following:

  1. Teacher's guide and grading key

  2. Introductory Lesson

  3. Easy-to-Read Bible Course, Book One

  4. Easy-to-Read Bible Course, Book Two

  5. Easy-to-Read Bible Course, Book Three

  6. WEI English Course, Book One

  7. WEI English Course, Book Two

  8. WEI English Course, Book Three

  9. A 60-minute Cassette Tape or CD containing vocabulary & Bible readings

  10. Three certificates of recognition (optional) and a diploma.


Learning English is important to the student.  Many are working toward their TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). The TOEFL is required for enrollment in an American university.  In your communication, work toward building a personal connection. 

This is the time to share yourself, your family, what it's like to get mail from them. Encourage them to do the same.  A most exciting time is when you receive your first personal letter from your student. Enjoy the power and working of God in building your relationship with your student. 



Guide for Postal Teaching: (Note: some foreign churches will manage a group of students for you.




  • Send Introductory Lesson - I 1

  • Keep good dated records

Write after 2 months if there is no response.   Don't lose your contact. Email: write soon!


  • Completes & Returns
    Introductory Lesson: I 1



  • Completes Bible & English Books: B1 & E1

  • Returns Q/A sheets from B1 & E1


  • Grade & Return B1 & E1  See Teacher's Comments

  • Write Commendations Note

  • Send Certificate: CB1 & CE1 Sign and Mail (optional)

  • Print Name in Books B2 & E2

  • Send Bible Book 2: B2

  • Send English book 2: E2


  • Completes Bible & English Books: B2 & E2

  • Returns Q/A sheets from B2 & E2


  • Grade & Return B2 & E2 See Teacher's Comments

  • Write Commendations Note

  • Send Certificate: CB2 & CE2 (optional)

  • Print Name in Books B3 & E3

  • Send Bible Book 2: B3

  • Send English book 2: E3



  • Complete Bible & English Books: B3 & E3

  • Returns Q/A sheets from B3 & E3


  • Grade & Return B3 & E3 See Teacher's Comments

  • Send a Graduation DIPLOMA: ED

  • Write a letter encouraging the student to obey the gospel.

    Sample letter:

    Dear ___, In your English studies, you have read the Bible that is Godís written word to mankind. You have learned that God created the universe and God created man. You have learned that man needs God, that man needs Godís deliverance and forgiveness from sin, and that God has always delivered mankind from sin. You have learned that Jesus is Godís son. Godís way of telling us of his love and forgiveness is through Jesusí death, burial and resurrection. We can accept Godís forgiveness by following Jesus. Jesus wants us to believe in him, to follow him and to be baptized. I want to encourage you to obey the good-news of Jesus by accepting for your life the way of Jesus, his grace and be baptized for the forgiveness of your sins. At baptism your sins will be forgiven forever and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God will give you power to live for Jesus in your life. When you follow Jesus you will be saved and live in Godís Kingdom forever.

  • Get your student together with the missionary for further Bible study.
  • Encourage your student to continue studying the Advanced English and Bible courses with you.
ADVANCED ENGLISH -- The English series consists of  three books that address the TOEFL test. The study procedure for Advanced Book 1 requires studying all lessons followed by taking the test by listening to the cassette tape. The audio taped test is on the web at www.weiady.org/tapes/taudio.htmYour student will need the scoring sheet. It is on the web too.

Advanced Books 2 and 3 are studied in the same way followed by taking the written test in each book. As in the Basic English/ Bible course, each English lesson is tied to the Advanced Bible lesson.

ADVANCED BIBLE -- Quizzes are taken and graded by the teacher as is done in the Basic Bible course.



  • Print Name in Books Advanced English (AE) and New Birth. Note: your student may not want to study the Advanced English. Encourage them to continue with the Advanced Bible, 3 books.
  • Write Comments explaining new procedure for English
  • Send AE l with Tape & NB Email: See Tips for Teachers No. 22
  • Complete Each English Lesson & Bible Lesson Together for Books: AE 1 & NB
  • Returns Q/A sheets from NB
  • Grade & Return NB  See Teacher's Comments
  • Write Commendations Note
  • Send Certificate: CAB 2 & CAE 2 (optional)
  • Print Name in Books
  • Send Bible Book 2: NL
  • Send English book 2: AE2
  • Complete Each English Lesson & Bible Lesson Together for Books: AE2 & NL
  • Returns Q/A sheets from NL
  • Grade & Return NL  See Teacher's Comments
  • Write Commendations Note
  • Send Certificate: CAB 2 & CAE 1 (optional)
  • Print Name in Books
  • Send Bible Book 2: CH
  • Send English book 2: AE 3
  • Complete Each English Lesson & Bible Lesson Together for Books: AE 3 & CH
  • Returns Q/A sheets from CH
  • Receive commendations from your teacher.
  • Ask questions
  • Take TOEFL exam
  • Report your progress frequently staying in touch with your teacher
  • Contact the church in your area


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