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Matt 28:18-20

18 Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

John 20:10-16

10 Then the disciples went back to their homes, 11 but Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb 12 and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus' body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot.

13 They asked her, "Woman, why are you crying?"

"They have taken my Lord away," she said, "and I don't know where they have put him." 14 At this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not realize that it was Jesus.

15 "Woman," he said, "why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?"

Thinking he was the gardener, she said, "Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him."

16 Jesus said to her, "Mary."

She turned toward him and cried out in Aramaic, "Rabboni!" (which means Teacher).

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Previous Update Issue

Number 122

January - March 2009

Dick Ady, Editor

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Proclaiming the Gospel Throughout the World

The Church Grows in Cambodia “Rascal” Baptized in Cameroon Dozens Come to Christ in India
Quotable Quotes from India Disturbing Words from Tanzania Two Hispanic Outreach Ministries
Four New Christians in Albania Baptism in Nigeria Internet Ministry
Tom, Angie, Bianca, and Brianna Langley Dick & Maudine Ady Accolades to the Orangevale Print Ministry

The Church Grows in Cambodia
Julie Broyles is doing a terrific job as Director of the Partners-in-Progress English Bible Study school in Phnom Penh. Her blogs are full of exciting news and pictures.
Last September, she wrote, “I want to tell you about our new brother and sister in Christ! The most recent was a man named Myna. He is a student of Doris [Lohry]. Myna has been attending services on Sundays faithfully. He is married, and our hope is he will begin bringing his wife regularly, too.

“The weekend before, Doris had another student, a girl named Chantou, who was baptized. I don’t think she has quit smiling since! She is so excited! Her enthusiasm is so refreshing and contagious! She loves to sing and study and is filled with questions and the desire to learn more. We would turn the world upside down for Christ if we all had her enthusiasm.”
Nearly all WEI students in Cambodia come from Buddhist families, and leading them to Christ is a slow process. However, the Gospel is dynamite, and many Cambodians are becoming Christians.

Recently, Julie wrote, “Last Sunday, March 7, was a busy, wonderful day! After lunch, the church had a party and invited the English Bible Study students.

“Following the party, one of Sam Carpenter’s students, Leng Akeak, was baptized. When Akeak told his father about his baptism, the father told him he would not pay for his schooling if he continued to come. Please pray for Akeak. He is facing a difficult struggle.”

Sam Carpenter Baptizes Leng Akeak into Christ

Myrna Rockwell says, “Earlier this month, a new teacher arrived from Oradea, Romania. Her name is Anca Gliga. She is a lovely young woman (38) who is a high school psychology teacher. She became a Christian six years ago after studying the World English Institute books with Tom Langley. She is totally dedicated to Christ and to teaching her students the Bible and English. She is a delight to all of us who know her.”

“Rascal” Baptized in Cameroon
Obed Anthony, a national preacher in Cameroon, has been using WEI in his outreach ministry for more than a year, and he has led a number of his students to Christ.
Obed writes, “Yesterday was a fine day. Christopher Saviour gave his life to Christ after studying with WEI for six months. It was a good turn around for a young man who was a notorious rascal.

“We ask you to keep us in prayers for the work in Cameroon.”

Dozens Come to Christ in India
The things God is doing in India through Prabhu Kumar are phenomenal. Prabhu has baptized approximately sixty people into Christ using WEI as an evangelistic tool.
In early January, Prabhu wrote, “I went to Yerragondapalem and taught a class of WEI students for two hours. Then, two students showed their interest to go for baptism. They [the church] had constructed the baptismal tub very nicely, and I gave the baptism in that new tub.

“Yesterday, after prayer meeting, three people were baptized by me in the local river of Tenneru which is my native place.”

Later, Parbhu wrote, “I baptized Mr. M. Rambabu, a student in the Kankipadu branch taught by Brother U. Tytus Paul. On Sunday before worship, we both took him to the big river which is flowing in the local area and baptized him after his confession.”

Prabhu Baptizes M. Rambabu into Christ

Erik Tryggestad, Assistant Managing Editor of the Christian Chronicle, visited India in January. Prabhu writes, “Now God has brought our beloved Erik to see and participate in our WEI graduation service at Vyasarpadi branch in Chennai.

“On Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., we participated in three worships at Bro. Paul Rengathan’s places, and by 1:30 p.m., we started to Vyasarpadi and reached there by 2 p.m. exactly. I found 23 students were qualified to get diplomas. Bro. Erik has given an inspiring message to our graduates.”

Erik Tryggestad Is Guest Speaker at WEI Graduation

Prabhu continues, “A new WEI branch was opened in Ramavarappadu at 6:30 p.m. on February 22. Many officials were invited by Bro. Rambabu, and everybody attended. One principal, ZPTC member, MPTC member, Head Master, local area President, and many elders like this came, and finally, all of them requested admission into our class.

“One very important thing is, all these leaders have given permission to Bro. Rambabu to conduct our WEI class in the local Zilla (district) Parishad High School Campus free of cost. This is really a great miracle done by our God. For two months, he [Bro. Rambabu] has been searching everywhere for the room, but not available. Now, we are seeing the wonderful works of our God.”

Mike Hale, Prabhu’s Internet teacher, reports that Prabhu “wants to open up another 23 branches. These additional ones will be unpaid teachers, and we will only supply the materials.” If all goes as planned, forty-five teachers will teach 2250 students in 2009. Mike says, “I’m hoping and praying for a 20% conversion rate which should be about 450 souls.”

Quotable Quotes from India
In March, Prabhu wrote, “From there [Khammam], I started to Myra to teach our WEI students and to prepare them for baptism. Bro. Paul told me that three of his students had shown good efficiency in their studies. I reached Wyra by 7:30 a.m. Within 30 minutes after my arrival, students also reached there. Then, I preached. Finally, we all went to the Wyra reservoir, and I baptized two of the men: Mr. Kama Srihari, and Mr. Darelly Timothy.”

Bro. Paul Looks On As Prabhu Baptizes Kama Srihari

Kama Srihari is a twenty-seven-year-old college graduate. He says, “Since 12 years, I am worshiping the Lord in the Roman Catholic Mission church. This WEI course has really helped me a lot to come out of the OT traditions which were followed by our RCM members and priests.

“I have seen many gospel meeting banners which were conducted by the Churches of Christ in the past days, but I don’t like to go by leaving the RCM church. Now I am trying to join the police department, so I understood the importance of English language in my life, and I enrolled in the WEI course. After studying the course, it is very surprising that God changed my spiritual life before changing my physical state in society. Thank God for bringing WEI course into my life. Now, I don’t have any confusion regarding my life in the future. I have decided to work with WEI to save many young students like me.”

Mr. Darelly Timothy is a thirty-four-year-old married man with three children and a Master of Arts degree. He says, “I have studied in many Bible colleges and started God’s service 10 years ago. I have baptized nearly 200 people with my own hands, but today, God did a miracle in my life by revealing truth of Christ with the help of the English language.

“One day, I came to know that Bro. Paul was going to start a WEI branch very near my village. I decided to utilize this great opportunity, so I joined in the first class of students without missing. But my life and entire style of preaching and baptizing people appeared so wrong in the light of the scriptures which were explained by our founder in the Advanced Bible Course, Book No. 1. So I decided to obey the TRUTH by getting baptized in a scriptural way. Thank Christ for adding me to the real Church which was purchased by His own BLOOD. At this time, I say thanks to God and World English Institute.”

Disturbing Words from Tanzania
Samuel A. Mwakasungula, national preacher in Mbeya, Tanzania East Africa, writes, “Many people in Tanzania believe in witchcraft rather than God’s word. We are so sorry that the Albinos in Tanzania are being killed by people who are after riches. Their witchdoctors tell them to do so. By taking an Albino’s skin, they believe they can become rich. In many areas in Tanzania, Albinos are killed. This has challenged us to spread the gospel to our level best so that many people in Tanzania may hear the truth of God’s word and obey.

On the brighter side, Samuel is teaching the WEI English and Bible courses to forty students at the Vocational Training Center in Mbeya, including twenty-seven non-Christians, five of whom are Muslims. On February 19, he baptized Isabella, the daughter of a Moravian church “pastor.”

Not long ago, Samuel baptized a preacher by the name of Nathaniel, and Nathaniel was promptly fired. Consequently, Samuel and his wife took Nathaniel into their home. Now, these two men have teamed up in a powerful way.

Samuel writes, “Nathaniel and I have established a World English Institute center at our local congregation. Many people here would like to learn English. This will give us an opportunity to share the gospel while we are teaching the English courses. Sixty-seven people have filled out the [enrollment] forms. Twenty-three students have returned the forms, and we started training them on February 17, 2009. I teach the Bible courses, and Nathaniel teaches the English courses. We are encouraged that even the pastors of denominational churches have filled out forms and joined the World English Institute courses here, and they are continuing to attend the class. We start at 9:30 a.m. and continue to 5:30 p.m. on Monday and Friday. We hope through this program, many people will hear the truth of God’s word and be added to the Lord’s church.”

Two Hispanic Outreach Ministries
1. Dan Tillotson recently launched a Hispanic outreach ministry in Oxnard, California.
Dan says, “The first class meeting was on January 3 as planned. A total of 28 students registered and received the class materials.

“I find the WEI material to be much more useful and helpful than anything we might have tried to develop on our own. I personally am indebted to you and to all the staff for making it available.

2. Lisa Steele, Director of English Classes at the congregation in Antioch, Tennessee, writes, “After careful review, I have decided to change all of the curriculum for our Community English Classes to WEI materials. I am very impressed with all of the books and CD’s. We serve a large immigrant area around our church. I also translate and work with our Hispanic members, of which many come from our English classes. I am very excited about your curriculum, as are all of our teachers.”

Four New Christians in Albania
Sadete Hoxha, WEI Secretary in Tirana, reports, “We have two new brothers and one sister in Christ: Florion Goga (one of the boys who took part in the distribution of the clothes and food to the unsheltered; Ervin Leka (Ellen’s student), and Eneida Kovaçi were baptized for the forgiveness of their sins. I’m so pleased that we are increasing in new spirit, and I thank God for their decision.”

Çimi Kafexhiu, Minister of the church in Durrës, Albania, reports that “on March 8th, 2009, Daniel Ndoni was added to the Body of Christ in Durrës. I praise the Lord for his heart and for the zeal he has for the Lord.”

Baptism in Nigeria
Aniefiok Akpan writes, “Another young girl and member of Offiong’s family, Nyakno Sunday Archibong, accepted Christ and was baptized at Uruk Otong Church of Christ. She is a sister of our WEI converts Unyanga and Ekemini who brought their parents to the Lord after they came to Christ.

Internet Ministry

Bob & Jan Towell

Have you wondered how many Internet teachers there are, where they live, what they do?
Currently, there are 68 active teachers. They live in 18 states and two foreign countries. The youngest is 14, the oldest is 86. Occupations vary: housewives, accountants, teachers, painter, computer professionals, secretaries, businessmen and women, a realtor, future mechanical engineer, lawyer, physicist, retired librarian, retired farmer, retired professors, and chemical, electrical, and civil engineers. A few are preachers, elders, deacons, and some serve on missions committees. Several have participated in short-term campaigns. Two are missionaries still on the field. Five are missionaries now back in the U.S.

All are missionaries at their computers. They believe the Great Commission was for all of us for all time till the Lord returns.

During the last quarter, several changes have been made to the www.worldenglishinstitute.org teaching website. Students may now LISTEN to the reading assignment while reading it on the screen. The first of WEI’s three Evidence books has been added. The website was moved to a bigger server, capable of handling many more students. Changes in the way we use Google ads have resulted in registrations from 190 of the 195 nations in the world.

Do we need more teachers? YES! Our GREATEST need is for more active teachers. The website can gather more students than there are presently teachers for them. The more teachers we have, the more students we can recruit. We will increase the number of Google ads when we have enough teachers to teach the additional students.

Messages like the following keep us encouraged: “WEI is one of the best web sites which offer online English courses. It teaches not only English but also morality. Although I’m not a Christian, I’ve learned a lot from the Bible.”

Website teachers are enthusiastic about the improvement over using e-mail servers. A tutorial and all the hands-on guidance needed are provided for new teachers. Please read Matthew 9:37-38 and consider joining us in this work.
---Bob and Jan Towell

Tom, Angie, Bianca, and Brianna Langley

The backbone of World English Institute is our correspondence ministries. Our Internet ministry is exploding, and our postal correspondence ministry continues to thrive. Born out of World Bible School, WEI has also proven to be an extremely effective tool in reaching the lost of the world with the word of God. We should not be surprised that sharing God’s word and our faith with others by correspondence is so effective.

The entire New Testament is essentially a correspondence ministry. The inspired writers shared the gospel story and the Christian faith with others through correspondence. Hundreds of generations after those documents were composed, we Christians continue to share in the eternal blessings of those inerrant ancient documents. Teaching others through correspondence is exciting and a very effective way to communicate Christ to the world. We need more teachers. Please consider becoming a WEI correspondence teacher.

I want to also encourage you to consider being a WEI short-term mission teacher. This year, we will have WEI short-term mission teachers teaching one to one and in small groups on almost every continent of the world. The power of teaching one to one is unparalleled in its effectiveness. There is no greater blessing than witnessing one of your short-term mission students becoming a faithful Christian.

Anca was a Romanian WEI student who obeyed the gospel in 2002. She is now a short-term missionary teaching WEI and sharing her faith with students in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The cycle continues, the gospel goes forth, and God is glorified. We still have openings for short-term mission teachers in Albania, Guatemala, Romania, and a few other sites.

We at the Maryville office want to express our deep gratitude for those of you who partner with us financially. We have felt the effects of the poor economy, but we are thankful to God for those of you who continue to give so generously. This work would be impossible without you.
---Tom & Angie Langley

Dick & Maudine Ady

I preached my first sermon in the summer of 1950. Do the math. During the past fifty-nine years, I have served as Minister of Education, Bible Chair director, missionary, and pulpit evangelist. Yet, spreading the Good News about Christ through WEI is the most satisfying and rewarding work we have ever done.

This newsletter contains stories about some exciting developments, but there is not enough space to tell the whole story. Suffice it to say, God is using WEI to teach people about Jesus Christ in 200 countries—five more than there are members of the United Nations. That doesn’t mean that these 200 countries have now been saturated with the gospel. It only means that God has gained a foot-hold in each of them. There is still much work to do.
In spite of the barriers that men have erected, God is using the Internet and short-wave radio to leap over every wall. He is utilizing the English language to attract students throughout the world. To him be glory and praise.

Jesus has given us a bold vision. He has challenged us all to move beyond stewardship to sacrificial giving. He is calling upon us to lay up treasures in heaven rather than on earth. He wants us to invest in eternity. Many of you have done that. You have given generously to support WEI, and we are grateful.

Unfortunately, some have fallen on hard economic times and have been forced to cut back on contributions. Others have had to drop out altogether. Consequently, WEI has suffered a shortfall of $4,

during the first quarter of 2009. Notice in the financial statement, on page six, that $4, was pulled out of the WEI Mission Fund to cover the deficit. This can’t go on.

We believe that God will continue to supply WEI’s needs. He knows where the resources are, and we believe that he will provide the funds needed to carry on his work and to lead us in the right direction.

We are grateful to you, our friends, who have stood by us and shared your resources. Thank you.
---Dick and Maudine Ady

Accolades to the Orangevale Print Ministry
The church in Orangevale, California has a Print Ministry that provides many of the student books that we use in the WEI program, and they print them free of charge. This makes it possible for WEI to send free materials to national preachers at home and abroad. The Orangevale church is, therefore, a full partner with WEI in world evangelism.

Jim McPeak, Director of the Print Ministry, writes, “It is exciting to be printing WEI lessons in so many different languages, especially now that they are in Spanish. What a wonderful tool to help reach Mexico, Central and South America, etc. But I can’t help wonder at the possibilities right here in the USA as well. There is a significant need and desire within our Hispanic communities to learn English. What better way to teach English than by using the Bible as the text book? Let us know as you need more lessons printed. Thanks for the opportunity to serve!

“The Orangevale Print Ministry is a good example of partnership between two congregations. First, the Orangevale church prints and folds the pages. Then, the Orangevale and Fairfield churches of Christ participate in collating, stapling, and trimming the books that are eventually used to reach the lost for Christ. Here is a recent picture of some of the team members.”

Jim McPeak (3rd from left) and the Orangevale Print Crew

Jim continues, “One of the side benefits to this Print Ministry is the fellowship enjoyed while the work is being done. Are there other congregations that might want to participate in a similar Print Ministry? Please consider this possibility as you look to the future of your own congregation.”





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