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Matt 28:18-20

18 Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

John 20:10-16

10 Then the disciples went back to their homes, 11 but Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb 12 and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus' body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot.

13 They asked her, "Woman, why are you crying?"

"They have taken my Lord away," she said, "and I don't know where they have put him." 14 At this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not realize that it was Jesus.

15 "Woman," he said, "why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?"

Thinking he was the gardener, she said, "Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him."

16 Jesus said to her, "Mary."

She turned toward him and cried out in Aramaic, "Rabboni!" (which means Teacher).

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Number 109 September / October  2006 Dick Ady, Editor
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Fruitful Harvest in Kenya

The Harvest Continues

Ogles Return to Kenya

Thank You, Dale Randolph

New Christian in Fier

IBIA Students are Preaching

Bill Morgan Speaks at Men’s Day

Saltsmans Returning Home

Construction on Schedule

New Christian in Haiti

Exciting News from Nigeria

Honor to Bob Patterson

Internet Ministry Bears Fruit

Fruitful Harvest in Kenya
Perhaps the most exciting thing that is happening in WEI today is the work of Nkurunziza Jean De La Paix in Nairobi. Jean is a Rwandan refugee, and God is using him to spread the Good News about Christ in Kenya.

On September 14, Jean said, “I am writing to tell you about the baptism of Dennis Peter Nyamari that took place on September 6, 2006. Nyamari is 41 years old. He is married, and he has six children. He lives with his family in a slum called Kawangware here in Nairobi. Another WEI student introduced him to me. He was enrolled with WEI on the same day. He has finished both basic and advanced WEI courses. He also has gone through all WBS, and he is now in the process of enrolling with NationsUniversity.”

On October 4, Jean sent another e-mail saying that Joseph Malek Mabior had been baptized on the 3rd of October. Joseph is a 24-year-old refugee who fought in Sudan as a child soldier. Jean says, “His former life was not easy, but through an aggressive discussion in the word of God, the Holy Spirit cut his heart, and I was happy to help him in his noble decision to be a citizen of the Kingdom of God.”

Jean says, “We are committed to help him grow spiritually.”

On October 23, Jean sent yet another e-mail to tell us about the baptisms of Dorris Lenah Kavae, her son Nicholas Lleve, and a man by the name of John Otieno Ondiek.” Dorris is a 32-year-old married woman who works as an inspector at the Riruta Health Center in Kwangware. She has completed the basic Bible and English courses and is now studying the Advanced Bible Course.

Peter Milimo baptizes Nicholas Lleve

Nicholas, Dorris’ eleven-year-old firstborn son, had been studying WBS materials when he expressed his desire to be baptized. Peter Milimo and Jean studied with him further and found no reason to refuse his baptism.

John Otieno Ondiek, a 34-year-old Kenyan who works as a Security Driver, thought he was a Christian, but after studying with WEI and WBS, he realized that he was not and was baptized.

The Harvest Continues
On October 25, Jean sent still another e-mail saying, “Yesterday was a Muslim holiday, but God was glorifying himself. We baptized a woman called Teresa Nyamoita Nyakundi. She is a widow 43 years old. She has visited our Sunday service twice before her baptism and prior to her completion of WEI basic. She decided to be baptized, and we were very happy to baptize her yesterday.

Teresa Is Second from Left, Standing Next to Jean (John)

Ogles Return to Kenya
By the time you read this newsletter, Ted and Martha Ogle should be back in Nairobi working with Peter, Andrew, and Jean (John).

Ted & Martha Ogle with Fellow-Workers

Ted came to the states for eye surgery in late August. Following the surgery, a bubble developed under the repaired retina, and the Ogles were grounded in Tucson, Arizona. Now, the bubble is gone, and the Ogles are ready to fly back to their home in Kenya.

Thank You, Dale Randolph
We are grateful to Dale Randolph and World Bible Translation Center for providing WEI with 144 Easy-to-Read Bibles. These Bibles will be given to workers in various countries. Thank you, brother!

New Christian in Fier
This summer, Steve and Ruth Byrne moved to Fier, Albania to work as missionaries under the oversight of the Slicer Street congregation in Kennett, Missouri. Almost immediately, they began teaching WEI students.

In their report dated October 17, they wrote, “We are thankful this month to be able to share with you about the baptism on October 1st of Matilda Baha. She is one of the two young ladies from the nearby village of Xharrez who were Ruth’s first WEI students. “First-fruits are always a cause of joy, and Matilda’s good-heartedness has certainly generated great joyfulness among us here.

IBIA Students are Preaching
Steve also reported that “Steve Stamatis, Dean of International Bible Institute of Albania, has agreed to allow preaching students at the school to come to Fier once-a-month for the purpose of developing both their preaching skills and our mutual relationships.

“In October, our guest student preacher was Sokol (Koli) Hyka. Koli is 36 years old and single from Elbasan. The members here were very complimentary of his message and presentation.”

Bill Morgan Speaks at Men’s Day
Steve continues, “Other recent highlights include attending the annual Men’s Retreat in Durres, hosted by the Tirana church. “On Friday night and Saturday, Bill Morgan from Tennessee presented a fine series of talks on “Spiritual Leadership,” “Missions,” and “Church Organization,” and I have no doubt the benefits will accrue to the Kingdom here for many years to come.”

Saltsmans Returning Home
After serving as missionaries in Korçë, Albania for more than a decade, Bill and Nancy Saltsman are returning to the U.S. in February. They have been fighting diabetes and other health problems for some time and have endured hardship and danger.

Roger Michael, of Healing Hands International, is now in Korçë and will keep the work going until a couple can be found to replace the Saltsmans. Praise God for Michael and the Saltsmans.

Construction on Schedule
Erik Qirjaqi reports that construction on the multi-purpose building in Tirana is right on schedule. Much of the basement has been dug, and the roof above the second floor has been demolished. The walls of the second floor are being removed to make way for a new auditorium that will seat 271 people.

Roof Is Off and Walls on Second Floor are Coming Down

When completed, this building will provide classroom space for WEI, IBIA, and NationsUniversity as well as a place for the church to worship, study, and have fellowship.
Funds for the construction are in the bank, but $45,000 is needed to furnish the building with tables, chairs, desks, books, shelves, computers, and appliances. An investment in this multi-purpose facility is an investment in eternity.

New Christian in Haiti
Jean (John) Robert, a school administrator and church leader in Haiti, has become a real friend of WEI. He says, “I do a lot of marketing for WEI here in Haiti; especially, I talk a lot about it with non-Christians. It is one of the fastest ways to get people converted.
“One of my graduates, who lives in St. Marc, baptized one of your students this last Saturday. His name is Patrick Zulme. His teacher’s name is [Fred] Uptagrafft”

Exciting News from Nigeria
Aniefiok Akpan, Director of Rhema Academy in Nigeria wrote the following to Tom Langley: “We are making plans to teach the WEI courses to two groups of students. The first group consists of our registered students at Rhema Academy. The second group are members of the Bible Readers Club which we have set up to attract people to study the Bible. The folks are so excited about the WEI programme. We have never seen a thing like it in our community before. I have no doubt that this programme will help win more souls into the Lord’s Kingdom.”

Internet Ministry Bears Fruit
Bob and Jan Towel, Coordinators of the WEI Internet Ministry, report that three Internet students have been baptized recently—two in Haiti and one in the largest communist country in the world. The person in the big communist country was Bob Patterson’s student, and the two students in Haiti were taught by Pat England and Fred Uptagrafft.
God is at work all over the world.

Honor to Bob Patterson
For the past decade, Bob Patterson has served as our voluntary WEI Webmaster. Moreover, he and Roxie have spent four summers in Albania and one in Prizren, Kosova teaching WEI students.

The web site that Bob manages is very effective in recruiting students. During the first nine months of 2006, the web site had 831,313 hits by 59,400 visitors who examined 235,864 pages. An average of five students per day enrolled in the WEI Internet program. These new students are automatically channeled to Bob and Jan Towell who assign them to Internet teachers.

There are now Internet WEI students in 161 nations. Hats off and accolades to our friend and brother, Bob Patterson and his wife Roxie.

Bob & Roxie Patterson

Tom, Angie, Brianna, & Bianka Langley

World English Institute is truly a global ministry. I continue to be amazed at the great appeal this course has all over the world—as a school curriculum, a correspondence course, and as short-term mission material. It’s especially exciting when directors of Bible schools and academies wish to make WEI a part of their teaching curriculum.

We began communicating with Brother Aniefiok Akpan from Nigeria several months ago. He is the director of Rhema Academy. He will be using WEI not only to teach the students in the academy, but also as an outreach tool in the community.

He has also put in an urgent request for short-term mission teachers to come to his country and teach WEI to students one-on-one. Anyone interested in going to Nigeria?

We also have several more countries and cities in our short-term mission plans for 2007. It is exciting to receive requests in our Maryville office for teams of teachers. Word has gotten out among our brotherhood mission churches on the effectiveness of our short-term mission ministry.

It’s also exciting to speak with our correspondence teachers about their students. One teacher recently told me that he never dreamed he would be a missionary in Haiti, Cambodia, and other countries. He also wants to use WEI to teach members of his extended family.

Serving with WEI over the past 3 years, I’ve met the most wonderful people in the world. It is such a privilege to travel and introduce WEI to so many good Christian folks. More and more people are becoming involved in WEI through jail ministries, ESL ministries, and as correspondence and short-term mission teachers.

As we draw to the close of another calendar year, we are reminded that none of this would be possible without your generous contributions. We again ask for your continued prayerful and financial support in fulfilling the Great Commission. We do treasure your partnership, prayers, and encouragement.
Love, ---Tom & Angie

Dick & Maudine Ady

Some of the most exciting news that we receive from other parts of the world is news we can’t share for security reasons.

For example, one man taught English at a university in the world’s largest communist nation. During a three year period, he baptized 193 of his students by teaching WEI lessons in his apartment on weekends. Yet, we could not share this exciting news for fear of putting his work in jeopardy.

Recently, we received an e-mail from a brother in the Middle East. He is teaching sixty-five men in a preacher training school. These students are teaching and baptizing their friends and are planning to take the gospel to other Middle Eastern countries.

Tomorrow, he plans to travel to a nearby country where twenty-five people are waiting to be taught. Next week, he plans to fly to yet another country where a man will introduce him to others and help lay the groundwork for planting the Lord’s church in that country.

He says, “We don’t have the freedom to own church property, or buy Bibles, or share our faith openly. If we are found teaching a Muslim the Bible, we can be arrested and punished severely before being deported. If men in the community catch you before the police do, it can be more severe, even death. We are very careful, but not to the point of neglecting an opportunity to share and teach. Boldness is the order of the day and the prayer of our hearts.”

In view of the dangers faced by Christians in other countries, let us praise God for our freedoms during this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

We feel especially blessed to be working with you in world evangelism. Thank you for your loving support. Through you, God has introduced people to Christ in 189 nations.

This is the last Update of 2006. Help us begin 2007 in the black. May God bless you and your family with a Happy Holiday Season. We are praying that additional churches and individuals will put us in their budgets in 2007
We love you. ---Dick & Maudine


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