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Current Update Issue

Number 140

 July - September 2013

Dick Ady, Editor


Proclaiming the Gospel Throughout the World

Amazing Story from Mozmbique

New Brother in Nikolaev

New Sister in Lushnja

Fruit Is Born in Nigeria

Exciting Times for WEI

Our Thanks to Jonathan Towell

More Christians in Tanzania

A New Congregation in India

WEI Internet Teaching

WEI Short-term and ESL Missions

WEI is Unique

WEI Staff and Teachers at Harding

Contribute Using PayPal

Put WEI in Your Will

Download Brochure For Your Church

Goal 10,000 New Studies per Month


Amazing Story from Mozmbique

Lola Crouch, one of our outstanding Internet teacher in Searcy, Arkansas, tells an amazing story about one of her WEI students in Mozambique. If you think witchcraft and Satan worship are things of the past, consider the following.


Samuel Asante Congo Mtaula was earning a good salary teaching in two schools in the Tete Province of Mozambique, but he longed for more. So he got a bank loan, bought a truck, and started a transportation business.

Samuel writes, “I began living a lifestyle that included drinking beer, adultery, and neglect of my family. After a month, I started facing a lot of problems.” His truck was involved in an accident, and he had to borrow money from loan sharks to pay for the damages. He could not make payments on his loans, and the bank garnished his wages.

He totaled his car in a collision and bought a small car for transportation, but he had to sell it to pay fines imposed by the courts. He bought a motor bike, and it was stolen. Then the loan sharks took his household belongings. Life became unbearable. Samuel writes, “Everything I tried was a failure. I wanted a better life, but it seemed there was no hope. I became addicted to alcohol, began to hate myself, and considered suicide.”

As Samuel was trying to pay his debts, he met a rich man who invited him to his church—the church of Satan. A leader of the church told him, “If you are willing to kill people and drink human blood, you will be given everything you want.”

Due to the terrible conditions in his life, Samuel decided to join the church. On September 1, 2012, he traveled with the rich man to Malawi where they booked two rooms in a hotel. Samuel was to be initiated into Satanism the next day.

Samuel says, “That same night, while I was sleeping, I had a terrible dream. All of a sudden, my room was filled with light. I saw a very bright person wearing clean, bright, and white clothes. I was terrified. I could not see his face clearly because of the light. I found myself on my knees near his legs. He told me that he was the Creator of the universe, the First and the Last, and the Ruler of the heavens and the earth. In a loud voice, he said, ‘I am God of love. I took all your possessions because of your sinful life, and I expected you to come to me; yet you have decided to drink blood and kill your family.’

“I started to cry loudly and begged for forgiveness. He said, ‘The choice is yours. You go and follow Satan, or you follow me.’ Suddenly I saw myself flying with him in slow motion, and we stopped at a deep lake full of water, but the lake was burning. He also showed me a very beautiful place with flowers and songs of praise. He informed me if I did not follow him, I would be thrown into the lake of everlasting pain; but if I obeyed him, I would go to the lovely place where true Christians live after this life. I cried and cried. I begged for forgiveness and mercy. He told me that he would give me what I lacked, but first, I must find the truth of God.”

“Then suddenly, I woke up with tears. I was terrified, and I left the hotel and got a mini bus back to my country. When I got home, I prayed! The next day, I went to my brother and asked him for a computer. He gave me an old computer, and I logged into Google and wrote, ‘the truth of God.’ Do you know what came out? ‘The Church of Christ.’ I continued to browse, and I bumped into the website of World English Institute. It is there that I came to know Lola Crouch.

After studying with Lola several months, Samuel decided to become a Christian. Lola located a Church of Christ in Tete, and Samuel was baptized January 6, 2013.
Samuel says, “It is my wish that people must know Jesus Christ and be free from the bondage of the devil.”

Now, Samuel is preaching throughout the Tete Province. He has established two churches and has baptized more than thirty people. Samuel says, “I know for certain that there is no way of dealing with earthly problems apart from Jesus Christ. He is the real comforter, savior, redeemer, and problem-solver. There is no salvation, happiness, or hope without him.”

New Sister in Lushnja

Tom Bonner, missionary in Lushnja, Albania, reports that Maja Korreshi was baptized two years ago, and she has been attending faithfully, with her three children ever since. Her youngest son, Mateo, just turned three, but he knows most of the songs by heart and sings them with gusto.
Tom says that Maja’s daughter “Gloria is thirteen years old, but she has a much more mature demeanor than her years might dictate. She has helped teach the young children’s class for some time, though she was not yet a Christian. She was one of the participants in our Bible Bowl team that finished second among all the churches of Christ in Albania. Such a sweet and loving spirit I have rarely seen. I believe she will be a great asset in the kingdom of the Lord here in Lushnja.”
Recently, the Lushnja congregation gathered at the beach to witness Gloria’s baptism into Christ.

Tom Prepares to Baptize Gloria Korreshi

New Brother in Nikolaev

David Binkley, missionary in Nikolaev, Ukraine writes, “After worship services Sunday [August 6], Vladimir asked me to study with him privately about baptism. We began a study that afternoon, and we met again Monday morning. Vladimir confessed his faith in Jesus Christ and sorrowfully repented of his past sins.

“As we walked down the hill to the river, we discussed his new life as a Christian. We walked out into the water near the Yacht Club. We were both joyful as he came up from that symbolic grave of water where he died to sin. We came back to the church office and sang, ‘O Happy Day’ in Russian.”

David Binkley Baptizes Vladimir

Exciting Times for WEI

The WEI Internet ministry continues to be the most exciting aspect of WEI. We are currently starting about 500 new Bible studies per month with students from many nations.

We are in the process of establishing a new Internet office dedicated to maintaining and expanding this ministry. Our goal is to hire a full-time web specialist and to provide him with administrative help.

Last fall, we launched an effort to raise funds for this new office. We had a good year, but we still need an additional $100,000 by this time next year. Dick and I have recently had discussions with professional fund-raising consultants. We are encouraged by the new methods we are learning. Below are just two of several programs we plan to advance in 2014.


One: “Internet-40-$300”

We will continue to promote our “Internet-40-$300” campaign. Our goal is to find 40 churches, individuals, or groups of individuals who will invest $300 per month for spreading the gospel through the WEI Internet ministry. We have some commitments, but we need 40 to fully fund the new Internet office.

Deacons and elders are now making decisions about their budgets for the calendar year 2014. Please speak to your mission committees, deacons, and elders about this opportunity to expand the kingdom of God. Combining English instruction with Bible teaching meets the physical and spiritual needs of millions of people all over the world. Let’s not lose this historic opportunity.

Consider the following: (1) A Bible class of 15 giving $20 each per month would be one of the 40 needed. (2) Six individual Christians giving $50 each would be one of the 40. (3) Three individuals giving $100 a month each would be one of 40. (4) One church or individual giving $300 a month would be one of the 40 needed.

Two: Fund-raising Dinners

We would like to host at least 5 fundraising dinners in 2014, with most of the proceeds going to this new Internet office. It would be ideal for these dinners to be held in major U.S. cities where the church is strong. We have held four of these dinners in the past three years, and all have been quite successful.

If you live in a region that could support a dinner, and you would like to champion this for us, please let us know. We are eager to work with you. We will present an inspirational and motivating evening dinner program.

Let’s not lose this wonderful opportunity to spread the gospel while there is yet time.
---Tom Langley (WEI President)

Our Thanks to Jonathan Towell

As we talk about hiring a new web engineer, we want to “give honor to whom honor is due.”

In 1998, Jan Towell launched WEI’s e-mail teaching program. When Bob retired in 2,000, he and Jan recruited their grandson Jonathan Towell to help develop a WEI teaching web site.

Bob & Jonathan Towell

Jonathan did such a good job developing the WEI web site that World Bible School hired him. We miss you, Jonathan, and we are grateful that you helped make the WEI Internet ministry a reality. May God bless you Jonathan, Bob, and Jan.

More Christians in Tanzania

Willy Yudah, national preacher in Mbeya, Tanzania, is a man of few words. On July 29, he wrote, “We had one baptism. Elizabeth Mwaisumbe was baptized into Christ.”

Then, on August 15, he wrote, “We had one baptism this morning. His name is Jastin Mpereta, and he is 21 years of age. What a great day! Jastin is from Moravian beliefs.”

Willy Baptizes Jastin Mpereta

Fruit Is Borne in Nigeria

Aniefiok Akpan, national preacher in Nigeria writes, “Recently, four of our WEI students were baptized in our high school at Obong Ntak. Between January and May this year, Brother Mojima Etokudo, a preacher friend of ours, baptized seven WEI students in his location at Ukanafun. Brother Gift Paul of the city church of Christ in Ikot Abasi has baptized many WEI students into Christ during the past few months. Unfortunately, nobody took pictures of those baptisms. Those preachers do not have cameras.

A New Congregation in India

Prabhu Kumar recently rode the train to far northeastern India to baptize a WEI Internet student, John C Valte. John is only 20 years old, but he has a D.Th Degree. While studying the WEI courses, John often talked with Prabhu by phone, and he shared what he learned with his family. Now, all five members of this brilliant family are Christians.

Prabhu Baptizes John C Valte and Family

Internet Ministry

Bob and Jan Towell

This has been another incredibly eventful quarter.

Sadly, although new teachers have joined the team, two of our long-time Internet teachers have died. We sorely miss both Ed Deckard of Maryville, TN and Sue Ezziddine of Canyon, TX. Both have been friends as well as teachers.

We continue to be amazed by the ripple effect of the WEI Internet study, and we are sure that the things we know are only part of the entire story. Here are two examples of how far-reaching the WEI Internet ministry is:

A year ago, Laura Huff gave her student Misha’s name and contact information to the director of camps for Eastern European Mission. Misha was baptized a year ago in May. He had connections with Adventures in Missions (AIM), a program of Sunset International Bible Institute, and with other Christians in Ukraine. This year, he was asked to work at the camps again as a counselor. This is a good example of how a WEI student can go on to serve the Lord in wonderful ways. The camp director e-mailed this to Laura: “Misha worked with Team Inspire this year—the team I am with now. He is an incredible young man, and his English is impeccable! Thank you for recommending him last year!” We are so thankful for great partnership with other ministries.

Eleven of Katheryn Haddad’s students in six countries in the Middle East have been converted. They do not know each other’s real names; she has given them Christian names. They know the others’ countries, but not their cities. When there is a new brother or sister, she notifies all of them who, in turn, send notes of praise and thanksgiving to Katheryn, and she passes them on. If one of them is discouraged, ill, in danger, or has lost a job, she tells the others so they can pray and send notes of encouragement through her. She also sends Sunday worship guides so that they can learn more about how Christians worship. She writes, “So, even though they are isolated, through the Internet, I have been able to bring them together as a ‘congregation.’ Praise God for the Internet!”
We second those comments!

---Bob and Jan


WEI Short-term and ESL Missions

Tom, Angie, Bianca, and Brianna Langley

One of the major strengths of WEI is its versatility. WEI was originally written as a postal correspondence course, but soon after it was printed, people discovered it was an exceptional tool for one-on-one teaching in mission fields. The English grammar lessons still have a massive appeal, and they continue to generate more students than we can teach. Most students soon discover that the corresponding Bible lessons have more personal value to them than the English grammar lessons do, and many become Christians

ESL Ministry at Laurel Church in Knoxville, TN

A growing number of churches are using our WEI courses in local “ESL” (English as a Second Language) programs. Churches simply run ads offering free English improvement courses. They choose a day and time to meet with students at their building for one-on-one instruction. Teachers are members of the local church. Every WEI lesson provides each teacher with an opportunity to share their faith and discuss the word of God with their student. Close relationships are formed, and students are soon invited to participate in activities of the church including its worship services. Many individuals and families have been converted to Christ using this method. Praise God!

If you are interested in starting one of these WEI/ESL ministries in your local church, please contact us for more information.

Angie and I are so grateful to you for supporting our work in this ministry. May the Lord bless you all, and may he continue to bless WEI as we partner with you in the work of the Great Commission.
---Tom and Angie

WEI Is Unique

Dick & Maudine Ady

At a WEI Reception at the Harding Lectureship recently, I pointed out that God’s WEI is unique in many ways.

WEI is unique in that it attracts unbelievers to Bible study, and many of them come to faith. Unbelievers come to learn English, but in many cases, their interest shifts from English to the Bible.

WEI is unique in that it attracts highly intelligent, upwardly mobile people. Doctors, lawyers, university students, high school teachers, university professors, newspaper journalists, and business men and women enroll in WEI to learn English, but they learn something far more important. They learn about God and his Son, Jesus Christ. Many of them are blessed with leadership skills, and the ones who become Christians often become leaders in the church.
WEI is unique in that it attracts Buddhists, Communists, Hindus, Muslims, and people who have never studied the Bible . Thanks to the Internet, WEI teachers can now teach a Communist in China, a Buddhist in Cambodia, a Hindu in India, a Muslim in Iraq, a Catholic in Brazil, and a Protestant in Hungary—all on the same day.

God has used WEI to lead tens of thousands of people to Christ and to plant churches in Albania, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Crete, Czech Republic, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Romania, Sierra Leone, Slovak Republic, Tanzania, Ukraine, and in places unknown to us. To God be the glory, the honor, and the praise.

One of the most exciting things God is doing today is using WEI to breach the strongholds of radical Islam. The Lord is working through Katheryn Haddad to lead Muslims to Christ in countries where it is a capital offense to convert from Islam to Christianity. Katheryn has written several exciting conversion stories that should be printed in this newsletter. At least one of them will appear in the next three issues. The best way to stop the violence of radical Islam is to convert Muslims to the Prince of Peace. That is what God is doing.

Thank you, dear friends, for supporting us in this amazing ministry. We love you. ---Dick & Maudine

WEI Staff and Teachers at Harding

David Crouch, Director of Public Relations at Harding University, writes, “A large group of WEI teachers posed for a group photo after attending a combined luncheon meeting of WEI, China Now, and World Bible School at the 2013 Harding University Lectureship in early October. Tom Langley made a Power Point presentation which described the broad influence of WEI worldwide and the potential to add 10,000 new students per month. He continued his appeal to help fund a webmaster position.

“The previous night, an annual reception for WEI teachers was held at Harding’s Burk’s American Heritage Building where Dick Ady and Tom Langley spoke.”

I want to thank David and Lola Crouch for making arrangements for the Tuesday night reception and for the photo shoot on Wednesday. We are deeply grateful.

A number of WEI teachers who attended the luncheon had to leave before the photo was taken. Thanks, teachers, for your partnership in world evangelism.


Put WEI in YOUR Will

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