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 July - September 2012

Dick Ady, Editor



Proclaiming the Gospel Throughout the World

Goal 10,000 New Studies per Month Prabhu Kumar Beaten in India WEI Graduates in Liberia
Kenyan Preacher Studying WEI Suicide Intervention Seminar WEI Campaign in Albania
20th Anniversary New Christians in Albania WEI Internet Ministry
Please Read Matthew 9:37, 38 WEI Short Term Missions Honor To Whom Honor Is Due
God Blesses Camp Sessions We Need 800 More Internet Teachers Put WEI in Your Will


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To say that we are living in amazing times is an understatement. Going into every corner of the world is no longer merely a dream of mission-minded Christians. As many of you know, over the last several years, our Internet teaching ministry has exploded in growth, and the untapped potential to begin thousands more Bible studies per month is well within our reach. In fact, it is our goal to begin 10,000 new Bible studies every month within the next five years. In order for this to become a reality, several things must first happen:

1. We must increase the number of our teachers. This will require a mass appeal to our brotherhood through advertising in widely-distributed brotherhood publications and other promotional efforts.
2. We must dramatically increase the size of our web site, and we must also add more efficient tools to the site. These are changes that must take place in order to handle the massive increase of WEI students. This will require many hours of specialized labor.
3. We must hire a full-time WEI web specialist to work closely with Jonathan Towell in upgrading and managing the web site. Our WEI web specialist will eventually need a full-time administrative assistant to answer all the student and teacher questions and concerns.
4. We must increase our Google student advertising budget.

Implementation of these 4 items will require a significant increase in consistent
WEI Internet funding.

We are stepping out on faith and prayer that the Lord will provide. We are launching a fund-raising campaign called “Internet—40 for $300.” Our goal is to find 40 churches, individuals, or groups of individuals that can commit to invest $300 per month in the worldwide spread of the gospel through the WEI Internet ministry.

Deacons and elders are now making decisions about their budgets for the calendar year 2013. Please speak to your mission committees, deacons, and elders about this wonderful opportunity to invest in the expansion of the Kingdom of God. The power of combining English instruction with Bible instruction meets the physical and spiritual needs of people all over the world. Let’s not lose this historic opportunity.


• A Bible class of 15, giving $20 each per month, would be one of 40 needed.
• 6 individual Christians, giving $50 each per month, would be one of the 40 needed.
• 3 individuals, giving $100 each per month, would be one of the 40 needed.
• 1 church, giving $300 a month, would be one of the 40 needed.

It is our ambitious goal to have most of this funding in place by January, 2013. We are compelled by a burning urgency to spread the gospel while there is yet time.

--Tom Langley, WEI President

Prabhu Kumar Is Beaten in India
        Prabhu Kumar, Director of WEI in India, has risked his life to establish dozens of WEI “branches” throughout India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. This summer, he and Bro. Ajith (a WEI teacher), and members of Bro. Ajith’s family were beaten almost to death by Hindu radicals.

        The subject line of Prabhu’s e-mail: “God has saved WEI team from death on worship day at Sariya, Chattisgargh.” In his e-mail, Prabhu gives graphic details of the terrifying experience. On Sunday afternoon, Prabhu and nine members of the church took two men to a pond and baptized them into Christ.

Prabhu writes, “After our return from the pond at 2:00 p.m., we arranged for the worship service. While we were getting ready to start the worship, two persons came and stood near that place, observing and hearing our words. . . . Slowly the two men came to us and introduced themselves. One was a news reporter from the Hindi daily newspaper, ‘Dinik Baskar,’ and the other was an important leader in ‘Bhajarangdal,’ a sister concern of Hindu RSS [a group of radical Hindus]. These two men began to make calls on their mobile phones, and gradually, the number of people increased until 15 to 20 people stood surrounding us. They began to argue with us and ask questions, shouting and saying that we should not enter their territory with our religious propaganda. One young man came up and explained everything about our daily teaching and baptizing people in the nearby pond. When they heard this, they came to me and forcedly took my camera and found all the baptism photos. At that moment, they got more angry and came to me with vulgar words, shouting, ‘It has already been proven by witnesses that you are the leader of this group. So what punishment do we need to give you? Tell me.’ While I was watching them without any words, suddenly, they began to beat me upon my face. Their hands and palms were like rods. I tried to cover my face with my hands, so they beat upon my hands also. Two times, I fell down and rolled upon the road. At that time, the women tried to cover me like a circle. So they beat them also. They kicked me like a football four times. All the women caught their legs and, with tears, asked them not to beat us, but they did not show any grace to us. . . . They turned on Bro. Ajith and started beating him also. They beat him very severely. . . . When his younger brother arrived, these people turned on him and tried to kill him. . . . Finally, Ajith’s son was caught by them, and they began to beat him also.”
        Following this beating, Prabhu and the Ajith family spent a day in bed under the doctor’s care. While in bed, Prabhu wrote this report. Battered and bruised from the beating, he wrote, “We all are so happy that we got a great privilege to bear the beatings upon our bodies along with the apostles and those who are tortured for Christ today. We feel that it is a rare opportunity which will not come to everyone often.”

        As one of our Muslim students in Iraq said, “True faith is when you refuse to deny Jesus is the Son of God, even if you’re tortured.”
        Since then, Prabhu and his fellow-WEI teachers have baptized at least thirteen people.

Prabhu Views Baptisms at Pond

WEI Graduates in Liberia
George S. Tengbeh, II, a national preacher in Liberia, writes, “Eleven students completed the WEI courses and graduated on Saturday, June 30. Daniel Goodyear was present and gave the certificates out to the students. Nine others will be receiving their certificates this Saturday. Three of the graduates are now baptized and are members of the church.”

Kenyan Preachers Studying WEI
Nkurunziza Jean De La Paix, WEI teacher in Nairobi, writes, “I am writing to let you know that eight preachers have completed their WEI materials with me here. Most of them are willing to use WEI materials as a tool of evangelism in their respective churches.”

Suicide Intervention Seminar
After teaching WEI students in our summer campaign in Tirana, Brian and Chris Leavitt conducted a Suicide Intervention Seminar at the church building. This seminar was especially appropriate since there have been a rash of suicides in Albania in recent years.

Brian lists a series of events in his life that have prepared him and Chris for this seminar. Brian says, “The thread that binds them all is God. . . God is powerfully at work to bring about his purposes.”

Interestingly, my favorite student this summer was Kristi Qendro. Kristi had just completed a university research paper on suicide intervention. When I left Albania, Kristi became Brian’s student. Later, Kristi not only attended the suicide intervention seminar; she was a significant source of information that enriched the seminar and paved the way for a new ministry in Albania.

Chris, Brian, and Kristi

During the seminar, I received an e-mail from a young Albanian woman named Migena Shulla. She wrote, “I was invited to a training [seminar] located at Church of Christ in Tirana. I work for World Vision, and the topic was beneficial to the work I do. I met there some very interesting people. One of them was Art Hitt. I learned from him and from other church members about World English Institute. I was thinking to myself that WEI was a wonderful, encouraging project. We went down to the kitchen of the church to have lunch, and I thought I would have a look at the books. You cannot believe how much I was surprised to look at those booklets. I knew them. They were familiar to me. I learned with those books many years ago.

“I remembered that I had placed them in a special box at my home where I keep all those dear materials that first taught me about God. When I went home, I opened the box and found all the books I used to study and the certificates I had received. I started thinking about how much I had appreciated those teachings. Eighteen years ago, I had no idea about God . . . I could not believe that WEI is operating in Albania, and now you have face-to-face teaching. My Christian journey started at that time eighteen years ago through these booklets.

THANK YOU! I heard you were in Albania. . . . Such a shame I missed the opportunity to meet you.”
Migena comes from a Muslim background, but she was reared as an atheist. Her atheist parents would not allow her to attend church, but they wanted her to learn English, so they allowed her to study WEI. Today, Migena, her husband Tedi, her brother, and both parents are believers, and Migena teaches a Ladies Bible Class.

Migena and Tedi Shulla & their Son Aurel

WEI Campaign in Albania
We had another wonderful short-term mission campaign in Tirana this summer. Eighteen WEI teachers taught eighty students during a period of eight weeks. Unfortunately, we were not able to teach everyone who wanted to study with us. There are still more than 100 people on the waiting list.
Art Hitt has been one of the most faithful and productive WEI teachers. This summer, two of his students were baptized. Art writes, “Yesterday was a wonderful Lord’s Day. Two of my students were baptized into Christ. One was Jonida (25), and the other was her cousin, Altin, the husband of Gelina with whom I studied 18 years ago.” Now, her husband and his cousin are Christians.
In the picture below, Art hugs his new brother and sister in Christ. From left to right: Gelina and Altin and their little daughter, Emi. Jonida is standing on Art’s left. “Love can build a bridge.”

Gelina, Altin,  Emi (Amy), Art & Jonida

20th Anniversary
In early September, the church in Tirana, Albania celebrated its 20th anniversary. On Sunday, three Albanian preachers spoke at the worship service: Alfred Zike (of the Adriatic congregation in Durrës), Çimi Kafexhiu (of the Durrës downtown congregation) and Bledi Valca (who preaches for the church in Tirana). All three of these preachers were led to Christ through WEI in the 90’s. Glory be to God.

New Christians in Albania
Ellen Walker (missionary in Tirana) has been teaching WEI students year around for many years, and God has blessed her with success. Two of her students were baptized in July.
Ellen writes, “I’m the last in a long line of teachers who have taught Alfred [Nini]. . . . This last Sunday, Alfred went forward to receive his baptismal certificate. . . Alfred’s wife, Vasilka, is studying with Sadete. His daughter has studied with campaigners for several summers, and I believe that soon they will follow Alfred’s example to put on Christ.”

Pictured below are Sokol Haxhiu who baptized Alfred, Sadete Hoxha (WEI secretary), Vasilka and Alfred Nini, and Ellen Walker.

Sokol, Sadete, Vasilka, Alfred, & Ellen

Ellen also writes, “”Today, we went to the beach for the best reason in the world—to baptize my student Angjelin Toma. . . . He made his final decision and asked Erik Qirjaqi to do the honors. When I talked to him on Thursday, he said, ‘I can hardly wait to have the Holy Spirit inside of me.’ He said, “My old life, and not being strong, is what has been holding me back.’ We rejoice in Angjelin’s decision to commit his ways to the Lord! It was a beautiful day at the beach.”

Erik Baptizes Angjelin in the Adriatic Sea

WEI Internet Ministry

Bob and Jan Towell

Please read Matthew 9:37, 38.
A new Christian in Madagascar wrote: “Before I was baptized, I felt like someone who wants to enter the kingdom of God, like I was jumping up on the ground, shouting: ‘Hey! Me too, I want to be a part of your kingdom! Please open to me, because I don’t know how getting there!’ But I knew the only way to arrive is the bible. After baptism, it was like the Kingdom had changed its shape, and it included me. I know God is my Father, so I am like a child; Jesus had opened the way to approach him, and the Holy Spirit helps me to understand new things. My faith is stronger, but I am very careful. I know a spiritual baby is fragile, so I have to avoid all things that could make me return to wrong ways of worshiping.”

Later her sister was baptized. We thank the Kees in Geneva for directing us to follow-up there! Now, their mother is studying a Bible course in French with Barbara Kee.

New Christians in Madagascar

A Muslim who has not yet obeyed wrote: God will save from sin by sending saver as Sacrifice for humans…. this is our first time to read bible and we like it so much…. We read these lessons and think about bible and Jesus, sent from God to defeat Sin and Satan. The bible is the Word of God, the church is the most important way to follow the Word of God, and Jesus is king of the Kingdom. He really had raised from death….God sent him to erase our sins and defeat Satan.
We hope you are blessed by reading these examples of teachers sending Light into darkness. ---Bob and Jan Towell

WEI Short-term Missions

Langleys, Tom and Family

Hawatthia Jones and Byron Benetiz are two very impressive missionaries serving in Guatemala. I first met them at the US—Euro Family Retreat in Germany many years ago while we were serving as missionaries in Romania. Four years ago, they decided to host their first WEI short-term mission school. Below are quotes from their recent WEI report and the teams that participated this past summer. You can learn more about their mission at

Hawatthia writes,“This year, for the fourth time in a row, we were blessed to host teams from World English Institute. We continue to be impressed with the caliber of teachers that are involved in this ministry and the work that the teachers do while here. Needless to say, we continue to be sold on WEI!

“We had 25 students signed up to attend the classes. These students have a variety of backgrounds. Some are housewives; others are high-school students, and some are doctors, lawyers, accountants, and school teachers, just to name a few. Some of them speak English very well, and the practice they get with these classes usually makes their English skills even better. What excites us more, however, is that many of our students often find developing their knowledge of the Bible more interesting than developing their knowledge of English details. They know from the beginning that not only are we offering an English course but also the opportunity to study God’s Word, which only creates a greater desire to study for most of our students.”

Make your plans now to go and teach next year on a WEI short-term mission. Several mission sites all over the world have already requested teams. Here are just a few: Romania (3 cities), Albania (2 cities), Hungary, Guatemala, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Nigeria, Myanmar, and others. Contact me at for more details.

We cherish the partnership we share in the Great Commission with you.
---Tom and Angie Langley

Honor To Whom Honor Is Due

Dick & Maudine Ady

In this issue of WEI Update, we have seen God work in spectacular ways. Our hearts have been filled with awe. In humility, we bow before the Lord and give him honor and praise.
In addition to honoring God, the scriptures tell us to honor one another (Romans 12:10). When Christians allow God to use them to accomplish his purposes, we should recognize them for their service.

At a WEI reception at Harding University recently, we honored Bob and Jan Towell. The Lord has used Bob and Jan and their grandson Jonathan to develop our encrypted WEI teaching web site—a web site that makes it possible for us to teach hundreds of thousands of students in every nation—even in Muslim nations where Bible study has been outlawed. Join us in honoring the Towells with a Christian Service Award.

Bob & Jan Towell receiving award from Dick Ady

At the reception, we also honored Tom Langley, the new President of WEI, his wife Angie, and their younger daughter, Bianca. Britanny was in school and could not be there to see her dad introduced.
Maudine and I would also like to honor David and Lola Crouch who have vigorously recruited Internet teachers and promoted WEI in the College Church and at Harding University. They are the ones who prepared the beautiful plaque for the Towells, arranged the special dinner for WEI teachers, and organized the WEI reception Tuesday night following the lecture. David and Lola, we honor you in the name of Christ.

Maudine and I would also like to thank all of our loyal friends who have supported us through the years. We have not retired. The work goes on. We need your support now more than ever. Thank you for your fellowship in world evangelism. We pray that God will raise up others like you who will help the Gresham office rebound from our financial deficit. May God bless you and keep you. We love you.
---Dick and Maudine Ady

God Blesses Camp Sessions
One of the most exciting things happening in Albania each year is the National Christian Camp. The thirteen churches of Christ in Albania cooperate to send their young people to camp each summer. This year, during three camp sessions, three campers were baptized in the Adriatic Sea. In the picture below, Erik Qirjaqi is ready to baptize Ani, a thirty-five-year-old man from Korça who was born blind. Following his baptism, Ani said, “I see now better than most people who have eyesight, for I have seen the light.”

Erik Qirjaqi Baptizes Ani, a Man Born Blind

We Need 800 More Internet Teachers
Next year, WEI and WBS are planning to join forces in an effort to reach China and the rest of the world with the good news about Jesus. We are expecting hundreds of thousands of students, and in order to teach them, we need 800 more Internet teachers. Will you be one of them? To volunteer, contact me, Dick Ady, at or Jan Towell at God is calling you.

Put WEI in your will.

If you are willing to receive the WEI Update by e-mail, please send us your e-mail address. Due to the cost of printing and postage, we would like to send the newsletter electronically as often as possible. Send address to or click on the home page to receive newsletters by email.

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