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Number 132

July - September 2011

Dick Ady, Editor


Proclaiming the Gospel Throughout the World

20th Anniversary Celebration

God's Truth Marches in India

The Truth Keeps Marching

WEI Spreads in West Africa

Missionary Needed in Montenegro

Floro Eca Is Baptized in LIma

An Unsolicited Tribute

New Christians in Tanzania

Internet Ministry

Short-Term Missions

Thank You, Beloved Friends


20th Anniversary Celebration
The Church of Christ in Bucharest recently hosted a national conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of the beginning of churches of Christ in Romania. The Bucharest congregation was the first church planted in the country—in 1991 shortly after the violent revolution that overthrew the communist government and resulted in the execution of their dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu.

There are now 22 active churches of Christ in Romania. WEI has played a major and influential role in the planting and growth of many of those churches.

God’s Truth Marches in India
The Lord continues to do amazing things through Prabhu Kumar and his fellow-workers in India.

Prabhu’s goal is to establish at least one branch of WEI in every state in India by the year 2014. He is on track to reach that goal.

In August, Prabhu flew 2730 kilometers through stormy weather to establish a branch of WEI in Port Blair, Andaman Island. Andaman is one of thirty-eight inhabited islands in the Union Territories of India out in the Indian Ocean.

At the Port Blair airport, Prabhu was met by Bro. Paul Joshua, the local preacher who, according to Prabhu, is thirsty to preach the gospel to every islander and to convert them to Christ.

On the third day of Prabhu’s seminar, a Hindu woman came into the class. She had completed her M.A. in Hindi but she wanted to learn English. Prabhu says, “I thought she would surely object to my reading Bible passages, but the surprising thing is, she was ready to honor the Bible as a Holy Book. When I heard those words through her mouth, I was really thrilled and thanked God.”

Please pray that God will use Bro. Joshua and WEI to spread the good news about Christ to every man, woman, and child in the thirty-eight islands in the Union Territories of India.

Prabhu with WEI Students at Port Blair

The Truth Keeps Marching
Within a week after Prabhu returned from Port Blair, six WEI students were baptized in four cities. One was a Hindu man in the state of Orissa, one of the most dangerous places in India.

Bros. Ajith and Dep Baptize Hindu Student in Orissa

WEI Spreads in West Africa
By the grace of God, Aniefiok Akpan is working wonders in Nigeria and other countries in West Africa. He says, “We are working hard to expand WEI gospel campaigns to most cities in Nigeria. Presently, WEI is flourishing in Uyo, Ikot Abasi, Ukanafun, Okurikang, Calabar, Lagos, Abak, and other cities across Nigeria.

“Our WEI students, Usen Thompson Akpan and Anietie David Okon accepted Christ and were baptized on June 19. The immersion was done by Moses Ukanga of our campus church.”

Aniefiok reports that Editi Jeremiah Obot has used WEI to establish a church in the Makeni District of Sierra Leon. More than twenty people have been led to Christ there including a Muslim man and his two daughters.
WEI is also spreading to other countries in the region. Obed Anthony is using WEI effectively in Cameroon. Alexander Ofori is introducing WEI in Gambia. Arnold Dzah is re-introducing WEI in Senegal. Feliz Armah is our fellow-worker in Ghana. Francis Musa is promoting WEI in Guinea. Maxwell Whea and others are using WEI in Liberia. God is at work in West Africa.

Funds Needed for Materials
Providing free teaching materials for these national preachers is very costly. Yet, the national preachers are the most productive teachers we have. They are baptizing hundreds of WEI students into Christ every year. Think about the cost of (a) printing at least six booklets per student, (b) storing them in a public storage room, (c) packaging them, and (d) mailing them overseas. The costs are high, but this is the most cost-effective phase of our ministry.

Let’s keep this work going. We pray that several people will send us checks for $10,000, $20,000, and $30,000. Who will help reap an almost unlimited harvest of souls?

Bogdan Ciora Is Baptized
Bogdan Ciora’s parents became Christians in Oradea, Romania ten years ago when he was just five years old. For all intents and purposes, Bogdan was raised in the church.

At the age of fifteen, Bogdan made the all important decision to become an adult member of God’s kingdom. His study with two WEI teachers this summer (Jeff Hilton and Kaitlyn Gonzales) helped cement his commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Bogdan Ciora Is Baptized in Oradea, Romania

Missionary Needed in Montenegro
Marsida Bobaj, a WEI Internet student taught by Jo Byrd Huddleston, was baptized in the Cen River in southern Montenegro in July 2010. We have been trying to plant a church in Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro, ever since then.

Montenegro is a small mountainous country with a population of approximately


80,000. About 74 % of the people are Orthodox, 18% are
Muslim, and 3.5% are Roman Catholic.

Beautiful Podgorica, Montenegro

The Constitution of Montenegro provides for religious freedom, the right to change one’s religious beliefs, and the right to express beliefs by prayer, preaching, teaching, and assembly.

Here is an opportunity for a missionary family, or a group of families, to move to a beautiful little country and work with WEI teachers to build a strong and healthy church. Please let us hear from you if you are interested.

Floro Eca Is Baptized in Lima
Rejoice with us over the baptism of Floro Eca, one of Ed Deckard’s Internet Lima, Peru. On Sunday morning, October 2, Floro came to the Panamericana Norte Church of Christ meeting place in Lima, ready to be baptized.

Bro. Mandujano Watches as Julio Baptizes Floro Eca

Julio Valverde, long-time WEI teacher in Lima, and Juan Mandujano, the local preacher, made arrangements for the baptism between Bible classes and worship, and Julio immersed Floro into Christ. Julio and Juan were amazed at Floro’s knowledge of the scriptures.

Floro was excited about being a Christian. The church gave him a friendly welcome, and Floro participated in the Lord’s Supper for the first time.

We commend Ed Deckard for doing such a fine job of teaching Floro through the Internet.

Why not join Ed as a WEI Internet teacher?

An Unsolicited Tribute
Dick and Maudine Ady were honored Sept. 26 during the 88th annual Harding University Lectureship on the Searcy, Ark. Campus. The couple received the school’s Distinguished Christian Service Award.

Dick and Maudine were among seven individuals who were honored with the award during the Lectureship. The award is the highest non-academic honor presented by the institution.

The award recognizes outstanding Christian service in a variety of areas including missions and Christian education. Dr. Bruce McLarty, vice president of spiritual life and director of the lectureship, read the citation, which was presented by President David B. Burks.

President David Burks Presents Plaque to Adys

The text of the award said, “Dick and Maudine Ady have a heart for missions. Their six decades of ministry have spanned numerous states, and the influence of World English Institute has touched thousands of lives in more than 200 nations. Dick founded WEI in 1989 as a method of using the Bible to teach English. Under his direction WEI has evolved into one of the most effective online methods of teaching the Bible internationally. . . .”

Dick had another surprise the following evening at the annual WEI dinner held during the lectureship. WEI teachers and supporters belatedly celebrated his 80th birthday and honored his work by presenting him with contributions to WEI totaling $3,966.25. Dick was leading a mission team in Ukraine when he officially turned 80.

More than 50 WEI teachers and supporters of the organization attended the dinner to hear a report from Dick and to surprise him with the donation to the work he has directed for more than two decades.
---David Crouch, Director of Public Relations, Harding University

New Christians in Tanzania
Samuel Mwakasungula, evangelist in Mbeya, Tanzania, has been using WEI lessons in his outreach ministry since 2007.

Samuel writes, “The communities here continue to hear the gospel through the program of teaching English and Bible courses by using the World English Institute materials. Two souls have obeyed during our outreach here, one is a woman, and another one was a man. The Lord continues to add new saints to Christ.”

Samuel Mwakasungula Baptizes WEI Student in Canal

Samuel has translated some of the WEI books into Swahili.

Internet Ministry

Bob and Jan Towell

Rejoicing continues because of recent baptisms and several very close to obeying. Special ads are currently being focused on Spain, Albania, and Malta.

The continuing challenge this quarter was having to reduce the Google advertising to match the number that could be taught by current teachers. Teachers have responded by recruiting others to join them in teaching, and all have been asking the Lord of Harvests to send more teachers. We are sure the Lord hears our prayers.

Once when Jesus was teaching the hungry multitudes, the apostles said, “Send them away so they can buy food in the nearby villages.” Jesus said, “Feed them yourselves,” and Thomas responded that it would take “seven months’ wages to feed all these people.” Jesus knew what he was going to do, but he wanted the 12 and the crowd to know that a miracle was occurring. He took a small boy’s lunch, 5 barley loaves and 2 small fish, and divided them until the crowd ate all they wanted. Perhaps the Lord is waiting for us to know that he is answering our prayers.

Only 150 teachers are accepting new students. Others are busy trying to bring their current students to Jesus, and some have found it necessary to stop teaching.

In 2010, we reached a peak of starting 1,200 new students/month. It would take 600 teachers accepting new students daily to return to that peak. At that peak, the website was offered only to the first 4% of those who searched for English lessons. Thomas calculated it would take 7 months’ wages to feed all the people. How many teachers would be required if WEI’s website is advertized all day long? 15,000. Only God can provide so many teachers!

Watch and be amazed! Let God use you as Jesus used the Apostles to search for the little boy with 5 barley loaves and 2 fish. If all of us continue doing what we can, God will do the part we cannot do. He will multiply the 150 to 15,000 teachers.
Bob & Jan Towell

Short-term Missions

Langley Family

There are several mission locations that have been using the WEI short-term mission approach for two decades. Romania and Albania are 2 countries that come to mind. WEI has had a major impact in introducing people to God’s word and has aided in planting numerous churches in both countries.

Consequently, we are now witnessing a 2nd generation of Christians who have been taught the Bible through WEI. Below is a photo of two families from Oradea, Romania who have not only been students of WEI, but are now WEI teachers. This photo was taken on the day of Bogdan Ciora’s baptism.

Two families from Oradea, Romania

From Left to right: Adinela Ciora, (2001 WEI student), Adinel Ciora, (2001 WEI student), Bogdan Ciora, (2010 & 2011 WEI student), Vasile Iuhos, (current WEI teacher), Anca Iuhos, (2002 WEI student and 2009 WEI teacher in Cambodia). Anca is also pregnant with a future WEI student. Front row: Cristina Ciora, (future WEI student).

This summer Bogdan studied with 2 teachers from Katy, Texas. Having been raised in the church he knew what was necessary to become an adult member of God’s kingdom. He was further brought to conviction through his WEI studies, and later baptized after returning from Romania’s summer youth camp.

Angie and I appreciate so much your continued support of WEI. Our financial challenges continue. Please keep WEI in your prayers.
We love you. ---Tom and Angie

Thank You, Beloved Friends

Dick and Maudine Ady

As I write this column, Maudine and I are filled with gratitude and love. We are grateful to the Metro Church of Christ in Gresham, Oregon for sponsoring and partially supporting us as we develop WEI.

We are grateful for our co-workers Debbie Henry, Tom and Angie Langley, Bob and Jan Towell and their grandson Jonathan.

We are grateful for our WEI board of directors, Doug Davis, Art Edwards, Jim Fox, and Bill Morgan.

We are grateful for our WEI teachers (postal, Internet, and short-term missionaries), and for the national preachers who use WEI to seek and save the people in their communities around the world.

We are grateful to YOU, our supporters who have sacrificed so much to fulfill the great commission. Without you, WEI would not exist.

We are grateful to President David Burks and Vice-President Bruce McLarty for honoring us at the Harding University Bible Lectureship.

We are especially grateful to David and Lola Crouch for surprising me with a belated 80th birthday party at the annual WEI dinner at Harding. They submitted to us a huge printed check to WEI (see picture below) totaling $3,966.25. This will help offset our current deficit. Thank you, beloved teachers and supporters.

WEI Teachers and Supporters at the Harding WEI Dinner

God is good, and so are his people. We are praying that God will raise up more people like you.
Thank you, and God bless you.

---Dick & Maudine Ady

About six and one-half years ago I began studying with a young girl, much younger than I normally take as students. She is the daughter of the lady who works with me, and I made an exception for that reason. Her name is Glenida Kajdo, and at the age of seventeen she has become our sister.

As a matter of fact, her physical and spiritual birthdays are celebrated now on the same day, September 24. She has, for more than a year now, been co-teaching a class for our children, and I believe she will continue to be an important part of the functioning of the church here in Lushnja, Albania.

On the same day we also gained another sister, Vjollca Kodra, who is fifty-five years old. Vjollca has been studying with me for almost two years, initially interested only in English. However, she became very convicted about spiritual matters, though there were some aspects that were slower in developing in her understanding. For example, the concept of an eternal existence, and a heavenly home, were slower in developing. She believed God, Christ and the Spirit were eternal, but it was more of a challenge to accept the same for human beings. I believe you can see from the pictures, however, that there was true joy in her when she was buried with Christ. ---Tom Bonner

Vjollca Kodra Rejoices Following Her Baptism

Put WEI in your will.

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