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January - March 2011

Dick Ady, Editor

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Proclaiming the Gospel Throughout the World

New Christians in Muslim Country

Fruitful Harvest in India

Prabhu Encounters Hostility

WEI Student Baptized in Kenya

Aniefiok Akpan Reports in Nigeria

Prison Ministry Bears Fruit

Pen Vannak Is Now our Brother

Amazon River Used as Baptistry

Internet Ministry

Short-Term Missions

 Feeling Grateful


New Christians in Muslim Country
At great risk to themselves, a Muslim student who has been studying with Katheryn Haddad via the Internet is now our brother in Christ, and his wife is our sister. Leaving Islam and embracing Christianity in his country is like a capital offense. Consequently, he and his wife baptized each other secretly.

The picture below is only suggestive of our new brother and sister and their children. It is not their picture. For obvious reasons, we cannot show their faces.

Typical of the Couple Baptized into Christ

On February 21, Katheryn wrote, “Praise God! My Muslim student in XXXX wants to be baptized.” He wrote, “I am going to baptize as soon as possible. Please tell me how can I do it and how I pray.” Soon thereafter, he wrote, “I am very happy this morning. I have baptized with my wife. She helped me baptizing. We baptized in the bathtub together.”

Katheryn traces the history of this study as follows: “Tariq” (not his real name) is in his forties. Tariq was impressed with the lesson on the prophecies of the Messiah that were fulfilled by Jesus, especially prophecies in Isaiah.

“One week later, he wrote me, ‘I need your help and your special guidance to my decision to become a Christian, but now it is dangerous for me in my country. What can I do?’

“This is one of the most dangerous nations in the world to leave Islam and become a Christian. Men have been imprisoned and put on trial for their life for giving a Bible to someone. Women have had acid thrown in their face. I encouraged him to try praying to Yahweh (the Great I AM). I continued to encourage him to be baptized, explaining that it can be done in secret. He asked how it is done. I explained what to say, and asked if his wife, a brother, or a trusted friend could help him. Two days later, he and his wife baptized each other in secret.”

On March 17, Katheryn wrote, “My newly baptized ex-Muslim wrote me today that he wants to worship with a church, and could I help him find one. If only people in America could see what people like Tariq go through, rather than saying, ‘Do I HAVE to go to church?’”

Let us pray earnestly that God will protect this courageous couple as they follow Jesus in a hostile environment. They are the third Muslim couple to baptize each other recently.

Fruitful Harvest in India
Mike Hale reports that 45 people have been baptized in India during the past three months.

Prabhu Kumar, the Director of WEI in India, is on schedule to establish a WEI branch in every state in India by 2015. Following the principle of multiplication found in 2 Timothy 2:2, he is training the students he baptizes to teach and baptize others who, in turn, teach and baptize others, etc.

On February 3, Prabhu reported that he had taught WEI students in Hyderabad and had baptized four of them in a mountain lake.

Prabhu Baptizes John Paul into Christ

On February 4, Prabhu reported that teacher, Jyothi Babu, had baptized three of his WEI students at Hammakonda at night.

On February 22, Prabhu reported that nine WEI students had been baptized in Ajit Prakashpur.

Ajith Kumar Tandy Baptizes WEI Student

In March, nine more people were baptized into Christ as a result of Prabhu’s work and the work of his fellow-teachers in India.

Prabhu Encounters Hostility
The rapid growth of Christianity in India has triggered a reaction by radical Hindu nationalists. Church buildings have been burned. Missionaries and national preachers have been beaten, robbed, and even killed. Anti-Christian hate literature has been circulated, and many Christian converts have been forced to return to Hinduism.
India is the largest democracy in the world, and the Indian constitution guarantees religious freedom. But Indian authorities have been known to turn a blind eye to atrocities committed by Hindus against Christians.

Eight Indian states have passed anti-conversion laws designed to prevent Hindus from converting to Christianity.

It is not without risk that Prabhu Kumar travels all over India setting up WEI classes and teaching Hindu students about Jesus Christ.

On Tuesday, March 22, Prabhu traveled to Kodad, Surypet, and Nalgonda to inaugurate new WEI branches. Things went well at Kodad and Surypet, but at  Nalgonda, Prabhu ran into trouble. Arriving at Nalgonda at 6:00 p.m., Prabhu gave the WEI materials to Bro. John Paul, the WEI teacher, and asked him to arrange the materials on a table. Prabhu writes, “At the time I went to bathe, many young people came and covered the area. They went up the stairs where the [WEI] banner was tied, and they checked the books. Then they understood that this English teaching is connected with the Bible. So they became ready to beat us if we will inaugurate the WEI branch there. They were all from RSS (Rsstriya Swyam Sevak Sangh which is the sister concern of Viswa Hindu Parishad, India), and they were ready to catch us. They had already warned our local teacher not to teach the Bible, but we were not aware of this.

“So, in fear, the local teacher kept us in the room and served food. We were there for two hours. The RSS people were not gone from the surrounding places. Though our teacher was afraid, I decided to go out to reach the Railway station. My train will leave at 12:30 a.m., so I need to catch that. Even auto people would not come to that area because of RSS fear. Then, I and Michael both started to go out by taking a daring step. I caught the train and reached Vijayawada by 6:a.m.

“Please pray for those foolish people so that God may work on their hearts.”
Later, Prabhu wrote, “I have traveled to may areas in various states where these Hindu people are quite against our Christianity. But I have never experienced a fearful condition like this. Certainly it is the grace of God which saved us on that night. Bro. John Paul called me and said that after my departure, there was a big quarreling between his family and the RSS people. They were almost beaten with long rods. When I heard that, I was surprised by the seriousness of the Hindu opponents.” Please pray for Prabhu as he risks his life to spread the gospel of Christ in India..

WEI Student Baptized in Kenya
Nkurunziza Jean De La Paix writes, “It is with great joy that I write to let you know about the baptism of James K. Mutuku that took place last Monday, 21st March, 2011.
“James is one of my Bible and WEI students. One of the attached pictures shows him being baptized by elder Duncan Irungu.”

James K. Mutuku Is Baptized by Elder Duncan Irungu

Aniefiok Akpan Reports in Nigeria
In his February 2011 news report, Aniefiok Akpan writes, “Eno Friday Thompson and Unwana Idorenyin Okon accepted Christ and were baptized on January 16. Eno is a widow from Uruk Otong. Unwana is a married woman from Ikot Ubo. Both women have been brought to Christ through the ministry of Dorcas Garden.”

Eno Watches and Awaits Her Turn as Unwana is Baptized

Aniefiok continues, “We have set up classes at Rhema Academy for our WEI students. The classes are held at 4pm-6pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Our WEI city office at Abak is open 6 hours daily (between 9am and 3pm). With the help of the city office, we are able to extend our WEI campaign to other cities of Nigeria like Calabar, Odukpani, Uyo, Ikot Abasi, Ukanafun, Ekparakwa, Owerri, Ibadan, Abuja, Lagos, etc. We have also introduced WEI in Cameroon and Sierra Leone. Before the end of the year, we hope to take the gospel to South Africa, Gambia, and Liberia using WEI. We are so excited about the opportunity to make disciples of Christ of all nations using WEI.

Prison Ministry Bears Fruit
Larry Ware, Prison Minister at Oklahoma State Reformatory, reports that inmates Jeffrey Gardner, David Prince, Christopher McGinley, Blaine Berry, and Justin Roan have been baptized into Christ after studying the WEI Bible courses. Larry asks us to pray for these new brothers in Christ.

Pen Vannak Is Now our Brother
Julie Broyles is doing a great work as Director of the BEST Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Using WEI materials, she and her visiting teachers share the good news with Khmer people year around.

Pen Vannak with His Teacher, Phil

In her March 17, 2011 blog, Julie writes the following: “The teachers here spend hours planting and watering. Pen Vannak’s past teacher was Harold Romine, and for the past couple of months he has been taught by Phillip Gardner. What a joy to be God’s spokesman to the lost!

“Pen Vannak is an extremely polite young man with an award-winning smile! He came having some prior knowledge of God from some Korean and Indian missionaries. Through his studies with Phil, he came to realize he needed to be baptized for God to forgive him.”

Amazon River Used as Baptistry
Bro. Julio Valverde, a WEI teacher in Peru, tells about an evangelistic trip he and some fellow-preachers made to northern Peru in January and February in the heat of their summer.

Julio writes, “From 14th January to 14th February, our preachers in Puente Piedra, Carlos Perez, and Ignacio Pajuelo, were in Iquitos. They were preaching there in a village close to the Amazon. Finally, one family of two parents and two daughters obeyed the gospel in the Amazon River.”

Baptism in the Amazon

Internet Ministry

Bob and Jan Towell

WEI’s Internet program is a team effort, and many of the players are unknown. There are the teachers who proclaim the Good News “into all the world.” God knows them and has a rich reward awaiting those who use their time to sow the seed! Others are making the teaching website better. Steve Foltz helps teachers send Completion Certificates and works with Dick Ady to add audio to the Advanced and Supplemental Lessons. Greg Holmes is adding audio to the Elementary Lessons. Because mobile devices provide the same access to websites at less than half the cost, people around the world are buying these instead of computers. Jonathan plans to retool the website making it compatible with these mobile devices this year. You who connect with your “blackberry” or other mobile device will see a great improvement in the way the website works.

When we obey the Great Commission, God will give the increase, as in the following two messages:

From China: “I went to the Church which you recommended. Then I met such a warm family that I loved in the first sight. After the meeting, I went to another house with them for more teaching and decided to accept T’s advice when he asked me, ‘Why not today?’ Praise God.”

From Sudan: “As a refugee in Uganda, I escaped death narrowly when the brutal Resistance Army invaded the camp. I prayed God would rescue me and escaped with my hands tied behind me. When peace was signed in Sudan, I returned and applied for a job that required English. Exploring the Internet, I found WEI. As I studied, I realized that there was more truth in the lessons than in teachings of the Pentecostal Church. On 29 August, I was baptized in the Nile. I imagined Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan and how happy I would be with him in eternity. I felt energized, as though something physical was removed from my body. As I look into the past and the future, it is more than useless to own the riches of the universe and lose one’s life forever.”
---Bob and Jan

Short-Term Missions

Tom, Angie, Bianca, & Brianna Langley

I was recently asked to describe my first contact with World English Institute. As I recalled the story from 20 years ago, I reflected on God’s ever-present personal involvement in our lives. Angie and I see more clearly now how God was working powerfully in our lives by opening a door of opportunity in 1992 to serve him through WEI.

While Angie and I were missionaries in Romania shortly after their violent revolution, we wrote a Bible course to study with our daily students. The course began with Genesis and took students systematically through the Bible using the kingdom concept as the principle theme.

Later, Angie had a student who was studying WEI, and he asked her if he could bring his WEI correspondence materials to class for her to help him. She discovered that the WEI course was similar to the course we had written. We were both impressed. That student was a devout atheist, and a very contentious young student.

One day, just before Angie was about to give up on him, he came to class after having read the final WEI lesson. With a big smile on his face, he announced that he was no longer an atheist. He had come to believe through the WEI study that Jesus was the Son of God and Savior of mankind. He asked to be baptized into Christ so he could become a member of God’s kingdom. He remains a faithful Christian husband and father today.

WEI became the principle tool that we used to make contacts and attract students for Bible study in Romania for the next 15 years. So many precious souls in Romania have come to know God and commit their lives to Him as a result of WEI. To God be the glory.

Many of our short-term mission efforts this summer are on schedule, but we are still lacking teachers in several sites. Honduras, Ukraine, Romania, Nicaragua, and Albania could all use more teachers. If you are interested, it’s not too late. Please contact me for more details. It’s very likely you will have a student just like the student I described above.

We always want to express our deepest gratitude for the supporters of the Maryville office. We covet your partnership. Thank you! We love you. ---Tom and Angie

Feeling Grateful

Maudine and Dick Ady

In spite of the financial hole WEI is in due to the economic downturn, I am feeling grateful.

I am grateful that God has called us to this worldwide mission ministry. Nothing can compare with the joy that comes from leading others to Christ and knowing that God is using us to help rescue the perishing.

One day, I said to Maudine, “I wish we could live on the mission field and be fulltime missionaries again.” She wisely asked, “How many people could you lead to Christ in a given year living on the mission field? Twenty? Twenty-five? Thirty”? Then she asked, “How many people are you introducing to Christ each year through WEI? Twenty thousand? Fifty thousand? One hundred thousand?” Finally, she said, “You’d better be happy where God put you.” It becomes increasingly clear to me why God gave me a wife.

I am grateful for my partners in WEI—my wife, Maudine and our daughter, Debbie Henry, who work so faithfully in the Gresham office—for Tom and Angie Langley who serve God in the Eastern Office in Maryville, TN—for Bob and Jan Towell who give their time, energy, and money to keep the WEI Internet teaching ministry going—for their grandson, Jonathan, who is responsible for developing and maintaining the WEI teaching website—for Internet and postal teachers who share their faith with people in every nation—for short-term missionaries who raise their own travel funds and go to mission sites in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America—for Jim McIntosh for formatting the WEI newsletter each quarter.

I am grateful to the Metro congregation in Gresham, OR for sponsoring and supporting us since 1989—to the church in Maryville, TN for sponsoring and supporting the Langleys—to Justin Speer and the church in Katy, TX for sponsoring our first fundraising dinner last October—to Steve Merryman, Art Hitt, Jo Towell, and the Peninsula congregation in Portland, OR for sponsoring the most recent fundraising dinner.

I am grateful to God for putting this team of workers together to accomplish his eternal purposes.

Finally, we are grateful to you, our friends, for your generosity and love. Thank you. We love you. ---Dick and Maudine

Portland Fundraising Dinner
Thanks to Steve Merryman, Art Hitt, Justin Speer, and a host of others, the Portland WEI Fundraising Dinner was a success. The venue (Johnson Center at Cascade College) was provided free of charge by Oklahoma Christian University. The catering service reduced the price of its services by 50%. One hundred sixty-five people attended. A total of $6,728.59 was raised above expenses, and eighteen people signed up to be Internet teachers. Several people committed to making monthly contributions. All-in-all, the fundraising dinner was a success.

Art Hitt served as Master of Ceremonies. Tom Langley related ways in which the Lord is using WEI to teach people about Christ in every nation. Dick Ady used bar and pie graphs to give a clear picture of where WEI has been and is going financially. Artan and Rumira Xhaferi, formerly from Tirana, Albania, stole the hearts of the people.
John Dale, the photographer, took dozens of beautiful pictures. The following group picture shows people who have worked with WEI as short-term missionaries, Internet teachers, postal teachers, and in other ways at home and abroad.

God is sending us more students than our present staff of Internet teachers can handle. We need more teachers.

We also need about $4,000 a month in regular contributions to keep this worldwide mission effort going.

WEI Teachers and Workers

Praise God for blessing us with unlimited opportunities to seek and save the lost through WEI.


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