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What's it like going on a Campaign?

Since our last newsletter, the four-week WEI campaign in July was conducted in Arad. Leading up to the campaign, the Romanian brethren had advertised, screened respondents and signed up 19 students. Team One, consisting of Paul Holland, his father, Wayne, and Scott Pena were there for the first two weeks. Then, Team Two, consisting of Janet Smith and Jonathan Jett from Grant Street, along with Kay and me, arrived for the last two weeks. Both teams met together upon our arrival for briefing and transfer of students. We finished up with 15 students, ranging in age from 11 (an exception) to 58 and from various religious and economic backgrounds. Seven were awarded certificates of completion with one continuing the course with Kay via the internet. We kept our promise of helping those 15 students to improve their English but, more importantly, we had the opportunity to study the Bible with them, one-on-one, for around 20 hours over the course of the month. In terms of exposure to the gospel, this is extraordinary in campaign work. We labored under the assurance that the Lord’s Word that goes forth will not return to Him void. Some plant, others water and the Lord gives the increase. Everyone on both teams worked hard and did a great job, and we believe that the 4-week gospel effort was successful.

2010 WEI Mission to Oradea, Romania
Two teams of WEI teachers sowed the seed of the Gospel in Oradea this summer from June 14 – July 9. The first team consisting of teachers Dorothy Langley, Mark Kelly, Susan Kelly, Doug Chason, and Alice Noles taught the first 2 weeks of the mission. This team was followed by Bruce Green, Janice Green, Dana Slingluff, Max Duer, and Sally Duer. Each teacher taught a one hour class to 6 students per day. The day began with a short teacher’s devotional at 9:30. One to one studies were conducted from 10:00 to 12:00 am, and then each hour from 4:00 to 8:00 pm. Many of the veteran teachers commented that this was one of the best groups of students they have ever taught.

Over 35 students attended the daily classes and attendance for the entire 4 weeks was nearly 100 percent. Nearly every student finished the WEI intermediate course and several continued studying the advanced lessons. They all seemed to enjoy the teaching and many students commented that they especially enjoyed learning more about God through the Bible. A nice graduation ceremony was conducted on Saturday July 10th. Many of the students attended worship services for the first time during the 4 weeks of studies. Some continue to visit worship services and mid-week Bible study.

The Tenth Street Church of Christ in Opelika, Alabama sponsors and supports the mission church in Oradea and has organized this WEI mission each summer for the last 9 years.
Vasile Iuhos, the Romanian preacher along with several church members do a great job in hosting the WEI mission each summer. The church in Oradea is blessed to own an apartment one block from the church building where teachers are comfortably housed. The church building also has some nice bed rooms upstairs for additional teacher housing. As a result, the housing for teachers each summer is absolutely free. The teachers simply need to raise enough money for their plane ticket, food, and other minor miscellaneous expenses.



Arad Teachers

Baptism in Arad, Romania

Oradea Teachers

2010 WEI teachers Oradea Romania
(Back row left to right) Mark Kelly, Max Duer, Dana Slingluff, Bruce Green, Doug Chason
(Front row left to right) Dorothy Langley, Alice Noles, Sally Duer, Susan Kelly, Janice Green