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Please read the following statements carefully and check each one. Be sure you understand the attitudes this mission will require. Complete and sign the checklist.

 _____ Yes! I agree to work in the “unity of the Spirit and in the bond of peace.”
 _____ Yes! I will be responsible for my personal health. I will disclose to the campaign leader all current health problems.
 _____ Yes! I will IMMEDIATELY notify the campaign leader if I experience any illness or physical difficulties or undue mental stress.
 _____ Yes! I am willing to live in less than American standard housing.
 _____ Yes! I am willing to eat foods that may not be what I generally like to eat.
 _____ Yes! I will be flexible and adapt to the host culture as long as it does not violate my Bible-based spiritual values. 
_____ Yes! I agree to accept assignments that serve the best interest and success of the overall mission.
 _____ Yes! I will lift up Jesus in my attitudes and actions and will maintain a spirit of love toward the Albanian people, toward my fellow team-members and toward the host culture.
 _____ Yes! I will try to maintain a spirit of encouragement.
 _____ Yes! I will go to the campaign leader in the event I find myself in any kind of misunderstanding. I will seek to resolve the problem with a Christian spirit, through prayer and by seeking Biblical answers.
 _____ Yes! I am willing to teach the assigned materials as they are written.  
_____ Yes! I will NOT get involved in disputes with fellow-teachers or students over issues unrelated to the main focus of this mission, which is to introduce people to God, Jesus, and the plan of salvation. 
_____ Yes! I will be responsible for ALL my personal expenses. This will include the cost associated with this campaign as well as any additional expenses I may incur. 
_____ Yes! I agree with the attached MISSIONS PHILOSOPHY, and I agree NOT to encourage young people or potential church leaders to come to the U.S. for education or any other reason.
_____ Yes! I agree NOT to raise financial support for any person or indigenous church without the express consent of the local missionaries.
 _____ Yes! I understand that in the case of misconduct or irresolvable difference that I may be asked to leave by the campaign leader. I agree to submit to the decision of the leader and I  will assume full responsibility for any additional expenses incurred by me as a result of such action.
 _____ Yes! I understand that if I should have to return due to sickness or death, I or my estate will assume full responsibility for such expenses.
_____ Yes! I understand that in the event I have to leave the mission prior to the scheduled return date, no refunds will be made.
_____ Yes! I agree not to inconvenience my hosts by staying out late or to intentionally do anything that will bring reproach on Christ or hinder me in the performance of the task of this mission.



I, ____________________________, do fully understand that due to the difficult circumstances in ______________, things can happen that are beyond anyone’s control. Therefore, neither I nor anyone in my family will hold World English Institute or anyone connected with WEI responsible for my health, safety, or my well-being while I am in _______________ or traveling to or from ________________.

I hereby release World English Institute from any liability for all claims and actions that I may have for bodily injury, death, property damage, or other economic loss arising from my participation in the teaching ministry in Albania. I further agree to bring no claim or action against World English Institute for any sub-injury, death, or damages. I am voluntarily participating in this ministry with the knowledge that dangers may be involved, and I agree to accept the risks associated with that travel and ministry.

This release of liability and assumption of risk agreement is on behalf of all members of my family, including minors.

 Signed: _______________________________________

 Date: _________________________________________

 Name ___________________________________ Relationship: _______________
 Telephone (______) ______-__________ E-Mail: __________________________
 Street Address  _____________________________________________________
 City/State/Zip _______________________________________________________


It is understood that the final selection of teachers will be determined by WEI.
Prospective Teacher: _______________________________


Name _______________________________________________

Address _______________________________ ______________
                    Street                                City State         Zip
Give one elder’s name and address and his endorsement of you. If the congregation does not have elders, please ask the local evangelist to fill in the information below. If the church does not have elders and you are the evangelist, then have one of the male leaders respond.

This form to be returned by the signer directly to:

World English Institute, Tom Langley
Maryville Church of Christ
P.O. Box 5293
Maryville, TN 37802

Name _________________________________Phone ___ - ______ - ____

Address _______________________________ ______________ _______
                            Street City State                                          Zip

Endorsement Comments:
Personal Character:

Active in Church?

Ability as a Bible Teacher:

Other information helpful in evaluating the potential effectiveness of the applicant as a Teacher in the mission field:

Thank you,

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