WEI Dinner Portland 2013

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Tom Langley, WEI president.

"I've never worked a day in my life while taking God's powerful word to all the world"

 Tom clarified the relationship between World Bible School and World English Institute. WEI and WBS remain individual organizations with the exact same objective -- "Proclaim the Gospel Throughout the World."

With permission, WBS will use the WEI lessons, both English grammar and Bible, to reach into the world through the Internet. WEB has reached thousands of students in many ways. Most of their work has been in Africa where students are believers in Jesus. Now, with this new resource, they will follow WEI offering FREE English with Bible reading as part of their curriculum just as WEI has been successfully doing for a time all over the world. WBS's Internet program is a developing program beginning with a copy of WEI's teaching Internet program. May God bless his creation as we work together in this important mission.

Tom appealed to all to participate in the "Internet 40" program - $300 per month for 40 supporters.

Tom's charts follow.

Atilla is from Albania where he found the Lord by learning English.

After Marita was baptized, she and her teacher worship by Skype since there is no church in Montenegro.

Conversion of Atilla

Conversion of Marita from Montenegro is by Jo Huddleston's
Internet teaching having chosen her from a list of available
students.  An Albanian minister baptized Marita who is now
worshipping by Skype showing us the power of technology.


You can teach on the Internet and go on STMs!