WEI Dinner Portland 2013

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Justin Speer, the WEI deacon at Katy, TX.

"WEI changed Katy, Texas and it can change your church."

 The church in Katy, Tx is focused on WEI as an evangelistic tool. We live in a "microcosm" to evangelize all people in our own neighborhood and worldwide. WEI fell in the laps of our elders illustrating God's Love. Evangelism must prevail throughout the church if it is to grow.

At Katy, teachers use WEI:

Internet Lessons, Short-Term-Missions, & Reaching Hispanic Families.

12 are on STM this Summer, 2013.

"WEI is the BULLHORN for Evangelism!'

"Be fruitful and multiply."

Beginning English for Spanish

Late Hour Workers Studying WEI

Teachers Translate

The Children Love Wed Classes

Students Stay Late

Teachers of Beginners

Intermediate WEI Class

Lesson Preparations

Internet Teaching Map of Students

Break Time for Teachers

Personal Care for Advanced Student

WEI Intermediate Student with Teacher

One on One WEI Class

New Teachers


You can teach beginners, on the Internet, and go on STMs!