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16 September 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The leaders, missionaries, and preachers of churches of Christ in Albania met on 13 September and after discussions and prayers decided to establish a Christian camp in Albania. All churches represented expressed the need for having a Christian camp in the country in order to serve all the churches of Christ for organizing camps and meetings for all group ages. There are few opportunities present in the country where collectively Christians can meet, share time, study the word and grow spiritually with each other.

In order to start the preparations for having such a camp, a National Board for Christian Camp was established with representatives from churches of Christ in Albania. The purpose of the Board is to plan and work for enabling the existence of such a camp in the country.

We would kindly ask you to partner with us in this visionary initiative by first of all praying for this camp and second looking at your possibilities as individuals, churches, or organizations to assist in the establishment of such a camp. We are looking for a camp that will hold at the same time around 100 campers and having premises, supplies, and equipments for sustaining 100 campers is a big projects that alone without your help we can not accomplish.

Below there is a non-exclusive list of essential items that we are starting to secure for the camp.

- Tents (for holding around 100 people)
- Sleeping Bag
- Sheets/blankets
- Pillow
- Mattresses
- Financial Resources (for renting the camp land)
- Coolers/ice
- Stove with fuel/propane
- Folding tables
- Folding chairs
- Plates & bowls/paper plates & bowls
- Camping shower/shower pump
- Lantern with fuel/mantles
- Etc

We would plead you to think of ways how you can assist this Christian camp. As individual, church or organization you might want to commit yourself in covering a single item or several items from the list or you might want to contribute with other things not listed or with financial means.

For any additional information and/or for expressing your commitment you might want to contact us at the e-mail address below;

Donations may be made by check.

My God bless you as you think to contribute toward this camp.

In Christ,

Churches of Christ in Tirana, Durres, Lushnje, Kucova, Policani, Fieri, Elbasani