206 of 206 of the world's nations!


WEI is unique in that it attracts Buddhists, Communists, Hindus, Muslims, and people who have never studied the Bible. Thanks to the Internet, WEI teachers can now teach a Communist in China, a Buddhist in Cambodia, a Hindu in India, a Muslim in Iraq, a Catholic in Brazil, and a Protestant in Hungary—all on the same day.

God has used WEI to lead tens of thousands of people to Christ and to plant churches in Albania, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Crete, Czech Republic, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Romania, Sierra Leone, Slovak Republic, Tanzania, Ukraine, and in places unknown to us. To God be the glory, the honor, and the praise.

Churches have been planted in fifteen countries. Twenty-two churches have been planted in Romania, thirteen in Albania, at least four in Czech and Slovak republics, and at least three in Latvia and Lithuania. I would estimate that fifty congregations have been established through WEI, and thousands of WEI students have been baptized.

More than 1,500 have been baptized in Albania, and more than 2,000 have obeyed the gospel in Romania. Nearly 500 have been baptized in India, and only God knows how many WEI students have become Christians in other countries. Dozens, perhaps scores, have come to know Christ in Cambodia. God is at work among us. To him be the glory.



Presentation at the Harding University Lecturship, 2011
Dick Ady

How did WEI get started?

The "history" of WEI given at a WEI reception at Harding University lectureship in September, 2011, by Dick Ady, founder - and author of the lessons.

One score and two years ago, our Father brought forth on this continent a new tool for world evangelism. World English Institute was conceived in the mind of God and dedicated to the proposition that all men and women are worth saving. As God used Koine Greek to communicate the Good News about Christ to the Roman world, he is using the English language to communicate the Gospel to the world today.

Maudine and I were missionaries in Taiwan back in the late 60's and early 70's, and we soon discovered that all the Chinese young people wanted to learn English. When we led a tour through China during the mid-80's, we again discovered that virtually all Chinese young people wanted to learn English. We started WEI with China in mind, but God had bigger ideas.

When the Tien An Men Square Massacre occurred in Beijing in early June 1989, we had about 1,500 students in China. One student sent us an hour-by-hour account of the tragic event. Some of our students were killed, and some disappeared. It appeared that the door to China had closed for WEI.

Then the Iron Curtain fell, and WEI was sucked into the spiritual vacuum that was left in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Bill McDonough, of Little Rock, Arkansas, went into Romania twenty days after Nicolae Ceauseseu was executed, and Bill ran a series of ads in a popular magazine. The ad read, “Free English Course taught by Americans.” Ultimately, more than 35,000 Romanians became WEI students, and thousands were baptized after being taught by American Christians. Today, there are 22 Churches of Christ in Romania. Some of their preachers were brought to Christ through WEI. In September 2011, the churches in Romania celebrated their 20th anniversary.

About the time Bill entered Romania, Truitt Adair, President of Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, and the late Bob Haire ran a free ad in a Catholic newspaper in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. This ad offered a “Free English Course taught by Americans.” I was in Lubbock in 1990 when 15,000 application letters came in within one week. These students were taught by American Christians like you, and many of them were baptized into Christ. Today, there are a number of Churches of Christ in Slovakia and the Czech Republic as a result of following up on WEI students.

About the same time, the Waterview Church of Christ in Richardson, Texas used WEI materials to teach and baptize people in Latvia and Lithuania. Their efforts resulted in the planting of several churches in each of those Baltic countries.

In the summer of 1992, Bill McDonough and I led a group of 26 teachers to Tirana, Albania to follow up on several thousand WEI students who had responded to newspaper ads. During the month of August, 42 students were baptized into Christ, and in September, 15 more obeyed the gospel. Since then, more than 1,200 WEI students have been baptized in Albania, 80% of them from Muslim backgrounds. Fifteen churches have been established in Albania. Next summer, the Albanian churches will celebrate their 20th anniversary. God is using people like you to teach people about Christ by postal mail, on the Internet, and in short-term mission campaigns.

In 1991, Larry Williams of Little Rock, Arkansas was responsible for following up on WEI students in Romania. Bob and Jan Towell met him at an informational meeting on Eastern Europe near Washington, where they lived at the time. Bob and Jan volunteered to find postal teachers for 100 Romanian students, and Jan ended up teaching more than half of them.

In 1998, Jan decided that it would be easier, faster, and less expensive to teach students via e-mail. I encouraged her to develop the system she had in mind, so she recruited a group of teachers. Her e-mail teaching ministry grew steadily. When Bob retired from his job as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Energy, the Towells moved to Round Rock, Texas to be near their family.

In 2006, their grandson, Jonathan, a former AIM student from SIBI, graduated from Harding with a major in business, specializing in information technology. Bob and Jonathan worked together in developing our WEI web site at www.worldenglishinstitute.org.

This web site is encrypted, making it possible for students in countries hostile to Christianity to study without fear of reprisal. The web site is also automated, that is, all True-False and Multiple Choice questions are automatically graded by the web site. That allows teachers to focus on the students’ answers to the Thought Questions in the reading assignments (Bible lessons) and to communicate with their students online. Teachers do not have to be English experts; the grammar lessons teach themselves and the grade is automatically applied. When students see their graded lessons, an explanation is inserted after each one, which confirms answers that were correct or explains those that were incorrect.

The WEI Internet ministry has virtually exploded in growth. By running Google ads approximately one hour a day around the world, we enroll between 1,000 and 1,300 new students each month. Approximately 30% of these new students are Muslims. The other 70% are a mixture of atheists, Buddhists, Communists, Hindus, Catholics, and people from other religious backgrounds. God has given us an opportunity to share the good news about Christ with every man, woman, and young person on earth.

During the past twenty-two years, God has used WEI to teach hundreds of thousands of people about Christ in 206 nations. There are WEI students in every nation on earth except the Vatican. To God be the glory.

God has used WEI to plant churches in Albania, Romania, Kosova, Crete, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cambodia, China, India, and Indonesia, to name a few. To God be the glory.

WEI is God’s work, and it is far greater than any one of us. In fact, it is greater than all of us put together. God is using us to fulfill his eternal purpose. We sometimes get discouraged when we work and work and don’t see any results from our labor. But when we look at the big picture of what God is doing through us, we get excited and praise God for the privilege of serving as his ambassadors to the lost world.

The prophet Joel wrote, “Swing the sickle, for the harvest is ripe. Come trample the grapes, for the winepress is full and the vats overflow. . . . Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near, in the valley of decision” (Joel 3:13-14).

God has given us a sharp sickle for reaping the harvest. Today, he is asking us to swing the sickle in every nation. God “is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9).

To those of you who are WEI teachers, I say, “Thank you for your fellowship in world evangelism. Keep up the good work.” To those are just now learning about WEI, we invite you to join hands and hearts with us as we march to the drumbeat of the Master in an effort to seek and save those who are lost.


- God is now using WEI to teach people about Christ in all nations. A tiny nation landlocked within Italy, San Marino, a country of 26,000 people was one of the last to register for FREE English and Bible lessons. Non-believers are learning of God and his Kingdom  through their interest in English. WEI is teaching students by postal mail and the Internet in all 208 nations. The total count of Internet students alone is approaching 200,000 registered students.

WEI has an incomplete record of the number of congregations that God has planted using WEI materials and campaigns. But, churches in dozens of nations have grown in number and spirit by using WEI courses. Only God knows the full extent of the growth. WEI has delivered millions of lessons to students, missionaries, and national preachers around the world.

WEI was used by Bill McDonough to start a congregation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  When Julie Broyles took over the school that Bill had started, she moved to a new location and re-named it BEST Center.  She and all the teachers who come to help her still use WEI materials to lead people to Christ.  Some of the converts have enrolled in a SIBI-related preacher-training school nearby and have become preachers. WEI has had an impact on several churches in Cambodia. 

WEI's Internet community reaches hundreds of students daily by an automated Teaching Website, www.worldenglishinstitute.org. Students use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and others with key words to find "English," "Free English," and "TOEFL English Exam." This approach plants the gospel message by teaching Bible lessons along with English grammar.  Many who study English quickly turn their interest from English to the Bible. The registration count is nearly 200,000 and growing daily. Now, our greatest need is more willing teachers to help with requests to study.

The following list of nations has been taken from the addresses of students.  If you use WEI materials, tell us your story and we will share it on the Web.

1 Afghanistan   
2 Albania   
3 Algeria   
4 American Samoa  
5 Andorra  
6 Angola   
7 Antigua & Barbuda  
8 Antilles


9 Argentina   
10 Armenia   
11 Aruba  
12 Austria    
13 Australia  
14 Azerbaijan    
15 Bahamas  
16 Bahrain    
17 Bangladesh   
18 Barbados  
19 Belarus   
20 Belgium   
21 Belize  
22 Benin    
23 Bhutan  
24 Bolivia    
25 Bosnia & Herzego.  
26 Botswana  
27 Brazil   
28 Brunei  Darussalam  
29 Bulgaria   
30 Burkina Faso   
31 Burundi   
32 Cambodia   
33 Cameroon   
34 Canada   
35 Cape Verde  
36 Central Africa Republic  
37 Chad  
38 Chile   
39 China  
40 Columbia   
41 Comoros  
42 Congo, Dem Repub. of  
43 Congo, Rep. of  
44 Costa Rica   
45 Cote D'ivoire   
46 Croatia   
47 Cuba  
48 Curacao   
49 Cyprus  
50 Czech Republic   
51 Denmark   
52 Djibouti  
53 Dominica  
54 Dominican Republic  
55 Ecuador   
56 Egypt   
57 El Salvador   
58 Equatorial Guinea  
59 Eritrea  
60 Estonia   
61 Ethiopia   
62 Fiji  
63 Finland  
64 France   
65 Gabon  
66 Gambia  
67 Georgia   
68 Germany   
69 Ghana   
70 Greece   
71 Grenada  
72 Guatemala   
73 Guinea  
74 Guinea-Bissu  
75 Guyana   
76 Haiti   
77 Honduras   
78 Hong Kong  
79 Hungary   
80 Iceland   
81 India   
82 Indonesia   
83 Iran   
84 Iraq  
85 Ireland   
86 Israel   
87 Italy   
88 Jamaica   
89 Japan   
90 Jordan   
91 Kazakhstan   
92 Kenya   
93 Kirbati  
94 Korea, Dem. PR of  
95 Korea, Repub. of  
96 Kosova   
97 Kuwait   
98 Kyrgyzstan  
99 Lao People's Democratic Republic  
100 Latvia   
101 Lebanon   
102 Lesotho  
103 Liberia  
104 Libya  
105 Liechtenstein  
106 Lithuania   
107 Luxembourg  
108 Macao  
109 Macedonia   
110 Madagascar   
111 Malawi   
112 Malaysia   
113 Maldives  
114 Mali    
115 Malta  
116 Marinas Islands  
117 Marshall Islands  
118 Martinique  
119 Mauritania    
120 Mauritius  
121 Mexico   
122 Micronesia  
123 Moen, Turk Islands  
124 Moldova   
125 Monaco  
126 Mongolia  
127 Morocco   
128 Montenegro  
129 Mozambique  
130 Myanmar (Burma)   
131 Namibia   
132 Nauru  
133 Nepal   
134 Netherlands Antilles  
135 Netherlands   
136 New Zealand  
137 Nicaragua   
138 Niger    
139 Nigeria   
140 North Korea  
141 North Marina Islands  
142 Norway   
143 Oman    
144 Pakistan   
145 Palestine   
146 Palau  
147 Panama   
148 Papua New Guinea  
149 Paraguay   
150 Peru   
151 Philippines   
152 Poland   
153 Portugal    
154 Qatar   
155 Romania    
156 Russia   
157 Rwanda   
158 Saint Kitts & Nevis  
159 Saint Lucia  
160 Saint Vincent and Granadines  
161 Samoa  
162 Sab Marino  
163 Sao Tome and Principe


164 Saudi Arabia    
165 Senegal  
166 Serbia and Montenegro  
167 Seychelles Islands   
168 Sierra Leone   
169 Singapore    
170 Slovakia    
171 Slovenia  
172 Solomon Islands  
173 Somalia  
174 South Africa   
175 South Sudan, The Repub. of  
176 Spain   
177 Sri Lanka   
178 Sudan  
179 Suriname  
180 Swaziland   
181 Sweden    
182 Switzerland   
183 Syria  
184 Taiwan   
185 Tajikistan    
186 Tanzania   
187 Thailand   
188 Timor-Leste  
189 Togo  
190 Tonga  
191 Trinidad and Tobago  
192 Tunisia   
193 Turkey   
194 Turkmenistan  
195 Tuvalu  
196 Uganda   
197 Ukraine   
198 United Arab Emirates   
199 United Kingdom  
200 United States of America  
201 Uruguay  
202 Uzbekistan    
203 Vanuatu  
204 Venezuela   
205 Vietnam   
206 Yemen  
207 Zambia.  
208 Zimbabwe  

    Updated April 2014