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Here, you will find our newsletter concerning our World English Institute (WEI) teams. Lord willing, two teachers will come at the end of this month to complete some of the studies with the advanced students.

This year we were blessed to once again host teams from World English Institute (WEI). There were two teams, the first arriving on the same day that our July Mission Team departed. Again, we were highly impressed with the work that each of the teachers did while here. Needless to say, we continue to be sold on WEI!

We do not like to take for granted that everyone knows what WEI is and how it operates. So, before proceeding to say more about the two WEI teams, let us answer a question some might have: What is WEI? WEI is a program developed by Brother Dick Ady that uses the Bible to teach English. This approach is made known to each student from the beginning. The lessons, from beginner to advanced courses, are designed to lead the student from the beginning of the Bible through God’s story of redemption, using Bible stories to develop conversation and to create dialogue. The students, if they desire, can also continue their studies on line after the teams depart. The students know from the beginning that it is not just an English class. They know that they will have the chance to enhance their English while at the same time the opportunity to enhance their Bible knowledge.

Like last year, most of our students here in Guatemala were eager to register knowing these facts. Another item of importance for the students was that, in most cases, there is a one-on-one student to teacher ratio.

 We did have one situation in which one of the teachers had two students during a class session, but this is an exception. Each day there was a total of 43 students signed up to attend the classes. In addition to their Bible knowledge, once the students complete the advanced course they are able, if they wish, to take the exam required by most U.S. universities before accepting foreign students (TOEFL), which is also the test used to open many job opportunities in Guatemala. Of course, the ultimate goal is to help lead the students to Christ.

We had a total of 12 teachers, six teachers on each team, over a time span of four weeks. The hotel where the teams stayed gave a meeting room each day for the studies without additional cost. This was a significant savings. It was also a benefit to the hotel in that several of their employees were able to take these classes. We were able to make many positive contacts in the hotel.

Our first WEI group consisted of six teachers: Jason Rich, the team coordinator, Anna Pride, Lucille Giattino, Nancy Petrokansky, Christiane Brevet and Ruth Plumb. Each teacher taught seven students each day with their first class starting at 9 a.m. They enjoyed a three hour break in the middle of the day. This time was used for lunch, which meant exploring new restaurants, etc., in the area and for down time to prepare for the last four students. Their last student studied from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. each evening.

This team had the opportunity to visit the church family at Linda Vista. Jason graciously accepted the invitation to preach and teach for the congregation. One of the ladies from this team, Nancy, came ready to teach the ladies. Two of the other ladies, Ruth and Christiane, came prepared to teach the children’s classes on two occasions. For all the teaching we heard only positive comments. The Linda Vista family was blessed by all that this team came to share with us.

For their Saturday off, we took the team to Antigua Guatemala. They probably had two of the BEST tour guides in Guatemala; we will not mention our names. The first stop was a tour of a coffee farm. And, since we do not even drink coffee, we felt it best for someone from the farm to actually do this tour. After the tour, the team was able to sample 2 different coffees and to buy coffee, chocolate and other souvenirs related to coffee. We left the coffee farm and journeyed to the local market where the team was able to shop until “we” dropped. They had a wonderful time and donated a great sum to the Guatemala economy.

Our second team of six came to us from three states. Greg Weston, the team leader, his wife LaDon, and Seth Michael came from Ashland, OR. Another member, Curtis Jones, came from Yreka, CA. Two members of the team, Robert (Pete) and Amanda Shaw came from Tulsa, OK. They pretty much followed the same program that had been established by the first team. They, too, did a great job as they worked with the students. In addition to their WEI teaching, they blessed the congregation with their teaching and preaching. All four men preached or taught a class for the Linda Vista family; Greg preached 2 times. LaDon taught a special class for our ladies and also taught a class for our children. The congregation really enjoys it when our stateside brethren teach and preach.





We had a total of 12 teachers.

They taught 1-on-1

Our first team

Nancy taught the ladies

Our 2nd Team


This team did an outstanding job in both areas. It was evident that they were well prepared to fulfill these roles. In addition to all the good that was taking place, this team was able to see fruit born from the seed that had been planted when one student, Guadalupe Granados de Alba de Perez, decided to be baptized. Lupita, as she is called, was a returning WEI student from last year. She has always shown great eagerness in learning English, but also in learning from God’s word. We are thankful for the combined efforts of the teachers from both teams that planted the seed in her heart and resulted in fruit unto the Lord.

We now have several good contacts as a result of the good work done by both of these WEI teams. Please keep them and us in your prayers so that we might continue to sow the seed and make the best use of the opportunities God has and will give to us. Also, pray for Anna Pride and Princess Cox, who have committed to coming back next month to give further follow-up to the advanced students. We are confident that their visit will be a great blessing to the students. Thank you, brothers and sisters from WEI, for your good work and labor of love.

Yours for the Master,

Hawatthia ¨Hi¨Jones Byron E. Benitez “Teaching the CENTRAL MESSAGE in CENTRAL AMERICA!”





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